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Wrapping Up April, Welcoming May

Greetings, all!

It’s officially the beginning of May! Hallelujah! I hope y’all had a safe April, and that you were able to get things done and maybe caught up on some well-needed rest.

I had a rather rough April, as I know many other people did-although mine was probably for different reasons…but I digress XD-but let’s hope that things start looking up soon! :D
Now, to delve into the virtual nothingness of April…

I’m kidding. X”D I did do some worthwhile things, I promise.

April Music:

God Bless the Broken Road cover by the Piano Guys
This beautiful cover came out a few weeks ago, and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s calm and quietly rousing, with a gentle crescendo; the Piano Guys outdid themselves on this one.

Level of Concern by Twenty One Pilots
ACK TØP released a new song and it’s SO MUCH FUN. So lighthearted and bouncy sounding, not usual for them, but still /epic/. -flails-

The Stars Are You and Me by Thomas Bergensen
Thomas Bergensen of Two Steps From Hell has been releasing a few songs, and they’re SO GOOD. This one was one of my favorites, it’s got AMAZING vocals.

Oh, and I made a Quarantine playlist, if anybody cares to check it out. XP

April Movies:
The Great Mouse Detective
The Princess and the Frog 
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises

April Books:
Tales of Redwall: The Rogue Crew by Brian Jaqcues
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

I did a lot of Beta reading this month as well, so I didn’t get as many regular books in. XP

April Events:
My 18th Birthday: Yep! I turned 18 on April 25th. Expect a post screeching about adulthood fairly soon. XP I had a nice, calm day with my family complete with cinnamon rolls; and got some chocolate, a book about Scottish chiefs, my favorite movie: Inception, a Gimli minifigure (thanks, bro), a hoodie, a bag, and some money. Plus a few friends surprised me by dropping their presents off, which was epic and totally made my day. :D

^^^ my Gimli 

^^^ one of the gifts that one of my friend dropped off-it's a fairy garden Hobbit Hole!!! -flails- 

Story Embers Virtual Writing Summit: Story Embers put on a virtual writing summit over the weekend of my birthday, and it was SO GOOD. They had amazing speakers with fantastic tips and ideas; it was engaging and overall just a lot of fun. The theme was writing great characters and relationships-and now I’m all hyped for writing my own characters. XD

Camp Nano: Yeah…this didn’t go as planned. XD XD Some extreme tiredness and the realization that I needed to finish school in order to graduate this year hit me about halfway through the month, so I wasn’t able to get as much writing is as I’d hoped. X”D But I did get a few chapters of Ship’s Log in, and started plotting some new twists…
Huge shoutout to all the lovely people who I shared writing groups with-y’all did amazingly with your goals. <33

April Writing:
See above. X”D

Aanndd that’s all I’ve got for y’all today. XD ‘Twas a month of much schoolwork, some health problems, and craziness. XP

Oh, and if you didn’t hear about the Random Blog Party, here’s a link to the first post and the second (on my blog)-it’s been a fun way to take our minds off of things, if anybody else wanted to join us. We’ll be announcing part three, the art contest, this next week! :D

How was your April?? Did you watch any good movies? Read any good books? How was your Camp Nano, all of you writerly types out there?



  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm so sorry that your April was rough--you're not alone, I love you and am always here if you need to talk! <3

    1. Thank you!!! And ack, tysm. <333 Love you too, fren!

  2. IT WAS GOOD! (Kind of. . .) I did! I watched Clue w/ my dad and Dirty Dancing w/ my mom (both for the first time). Yes! Books 2 & 3 of Artemis Fowl, and Star Wars: The Mandalorian Armor (Though I guess the goodness of the last one is debatable due to LONG CHAPTERS ABOUT PEOPLE MUSING, UGGHHHHH) I have a short attention span. I didn't do Camp Nano, but I've gotten the writing kick in the pants so yay. Thanks for asking :)

    1. YAY!!! (XP) YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ALL THE BOOKS AND MOVIESSS. Oooooooooooof I feel you though. X"D

  3. It's so weird how school work actually has to be finished to graduate XD. Happy 18th birthday, though! I'm glad you had a good day, even if it was in the middle of this mess.

    1. I know, right??? XD Thank you so much!!! <33

  4. DID YOU SAY THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE??? I grew up on that movie, and I was always surprised when no one else seemed to know it existed??? I love it and my family just re-watched it in April!
    Inception is a fantastic movie. So goooooooooood.
    Happy late birthday!!! That Gimli though. And cinnamon rolls! Yum. :)
    "Level of Concern" is so fun! My sisters and cousins have suddenly discovered Twenty One Pilots, and we're enjoying so many of their songs.
    Most of our movie watching in April was rewatching, I realized. We watched both Lego movies, and The Prince of Egypt, which are favorites of ours.
    Books: I read TWO classics, which impressed me. Vanity Fair and The Master of Ballantrae. I feel so intelligent when I read olden books like that...

    1. I DID!!! -flails- YES IT'S SUCH A GOOD MOVIE and I'm so surprised more people don't know about it! That's so awesome!!! :D
      Thank you!!! <33 YES. XD
      IT IS!!! Oh that's awesome!!! It's always great when family members like the same musics. :D
      OOH yesss those are all amazing movies!!!
      OOH I haven't read either of those! Same though-it makes me feel sophisticated. XD
      Thanks so much for reading!!!


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