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20 Questions Book Tag

Greetings, all! I was tagged by the lovely  Kendra Lynne to participate in this 20 Questions Book Tag! Rules: She has no idea who did this tag, or what the rules are, so I’m just going to assume they’re the normal tag rules. XD Thank you for tagging me, Kendra! Let’s get started. 1.        how many books are too many books in a book series? (That is a lot of books. XD) I honestly don’t think you can have too many! The biggest series I have read is the Redwall series by Brian Jaqcues with a whopping total of 22 novels and 2 children’s books. My personal preference is around 8-10 books, but I will gladly read as many books as there are in a series. 2.        how do you feel about cliffhangers? Mwuahahahaha…I love them. As my poor beta readers know, when I write stories, I tend to leave them ALL. ON. A. CLIFFHANGER. EVERY ONE. And it’s awesome. 3.        hardback or paperback? I don’t care either way. Hardbacks are prettier, I do admi

Ink and Page Book Reviews-2nd Year Anniversary!!!

Greetings, all! So, my original planned post for this week was one about Nano and my current WIP, Of Seas, Silver, and Shipmates...but since my word count this week was incredibly sad, I decided to postpone that update until next week. So, instead, I'm going to give an announcement. MY  BOOK REVIEW BLOG IS TWO WHOLE YEARS OLD!!!  *throws confetti*  Now, I must admit; I don't think I've actually mentioned my other blogs on this I don't know how many of you knew that I even had a book review blog.  Well, now you do. XD  In a span of two years, I have written 24 book reviews for books ranging from historical fiction to fantasy to superhero fiction to Christian fiction. In my reviews I share a little synopsis of the book, tell who it was written by, what year it was published in, how well it was written, and if there was anything objectionable in it.  AND IT HAS MADE IT THROUGH TWO. WHOLE. YEARS.  And only ONE makeover!!! *pats blog* Don&

Wrap Up October, Hello November!

Greetings All!  (ssh I totally know it's November 10th)  October has got to be my favorite month; the changing leaves, the crisp air, the gloomy days; and for us; school starting up again. There is something comforting in starting a new schedule and opening up a new school book. For me anyway. XP Not to metion the brand-new pencils…XD October’s Music The Flight of the Silverbird by Two Steps from Hell This song is so much fun to listen to! I can totally imagine a bird with a long silver tail sweeping across the sky when I play it. Darkness Keeps Chasing Me by Grace Vanderwaal  I had never heard this song of Grace’s before, but when I borrowed her album from the library I instantly fell in love with it. The cello part and her voice mash perfectly together, and don’t even get me started on the lyrics. <333   Waltz for Mary and John T his song. <333  October’s Movies: Sixth Sense This movie was AMAZING. A little disturb