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About Me

Greetings, all!

I am Middle Earth Musician (also known as Mem) 

I am a Child of the King, was a homeschool graduate, and get INTJ-A results in MBTI personality tests and 5/1 results in Enneagram tests; and I am incredibly strange

I Write//Make Music//Learn Martial Arts//Create Films//Devour Stories//Take Photos//Geek Out// and call OYAN Home. 

anything nerdy, geeky, or fandom-related appeals to me immensely

some of my favourite stories include

The Lord of the Rings\The Chronicles of Narnia\Marvel Cinematic Universe\100 Cupboards\The Green Ember Series\Star Wars\Tales of Redwall\The Count of Monte Cristo\The Greatest Showman\Star Trek\Ashtown Burials\Jurassic Park\The Greatest Adventures of Sherlock Holmes\Inception\Baker Family Adventures\The Hobbit\Serenity\On the Banks of Bannockburn\Beyond the Mask\The Adventures of Merlin\Tangled\Men of Grit Series\Artemis Fowl\M. Night Movies\The Hunger Games\Tales of Goldstone Wood\Blank Mastermind\Maze Runner\Eragon\The Thief Lord\Ranger's Apprentice\The Dark Knight Trilogy\The Prestige\Harry Potter\Dunkirk\Anne of Green Gables\A Monster Calls\The Boy Who Steals Houses\Psych\Treasure Planet\BBC Sherlock\

the music artists that I love are

Twenty One Pilots\John Williams\Caedmon’s Call\Piano Guys\Alan Silvestri\Peter Hollens\Lindsey Stirling\Henry Jackman\Evanescence\John Newton Howard\Taylor Davis\VSQ\Hans Zimmer\Grace Vanderwaal\TSfH\John Powell\Imagine Dragons\The Greatest Showman\Brian Tyler\The Gray Havens\Isabelle Hyde\NF\Sarah Sparks\Rick Mullins\Sleeping at Last\Epic Score\

and some other random aesthetic things about me

brooding\rainy days\violin playing\quirky\dark green\pine trees\stars\old books\hot chocolate\grey\aesthetics\caves\old hymns\knives\cats\trench coats\blue\steaming mugs\characters\dragons\cloaks\observant\stories\fingerless gloves\space ships\buried treasure\hand guns\friends\poetry\ocean waves\bats\tall buildings\warm blankets\owls\ice\dictionaries\rocky shores\Slytherclaw\bruised knuckles\yellow\berries\friends\travel\

I hope you greatly enjoy your stay, and although tea is at four, all of you are welcome at anytime. 
Drop me a comment and I will do my best to respond!

May the blessings of Elves, Jedi, Centaurs, Detectives, Mice, Superheroes, Dwarves, Vulcans, Wizards, Faeries, Rabbits, Knights, and all Free Peoples of Geekdom go with you.


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