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Grammy Nominated Award Winning Music Video

Greetings, all!  Homeschooledmando and I finished our random music video (which if you didn't hear about, click here to read about it!!!). 

Random Blog Party Part 2: Random Music Video Challenge!

Greetings, all! Welcome to part two of the Random Blog Party, my friends!!! This blog party is being hosted by myself, MiddleEarthMusician , and the lovely Homeschooledmando (aka H.M.S.). (If you missed part one of the RBP, click here to read!) Today we are announcing the next addition to this masterpiece of the blogging world. Drum roll, please!!!   Please welcome…The Random Music Video Challenge!!!

Blog Party!!! Part One: Tag of Randomness

Greetings, my friends!    This is a joint tag between myself, MiddleEarthMusician at  Music, Mystery, Middle Earth, and Mitochondria , and Homeschooledmando at  In Your Service . H.M.S. Mando and MEM, for short. During these dark times, we decided to come together (RIGHT NOW! over me) (Sorry. . . but you-all better have gotten that reference-Homeschooledmando) and make a series of blog-event-things. . . I believe it's called a blog party. (That was Homeschooledmando. XD) ANYWAY, to ease into this idea, we decided to start with a tag. So yeah. That's what this is :)    Sooooo

Wrapping Up February/March + Small Announcement

Greetings, all!!!