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My Camp Nano Project: Of Seas, Silver, and Shipmates.

Greetings, all!  Since Camp Nano is almost over...HOW IS IT ALREADY ALMOST THE END OF JULY???...ahem, I decided to share a little of what I've been working on this month.  Introducing,  Synopsis Eden Claire is an orphaned serving girl in England. Living her lonely life working in the library of a boarding school, she begins to think that she must always settle for less, and that her dreams of comradeship, adventure, and sailing to unknown lands must slowly dwindle away to nothing. However, when an old forgotten acquaintance shows up on her doorstep with a note left to Eden by her father, those dreams might just become rekindled; dreams that will take Eden to wild escapades on the high seas. Eden must outwit the notorious Damian the Black Hearted and his gang of pirates in her quest for her father’s treasure, but she cannot do it alone-she will need the help of others. Can she learn how important true friendship is, even at the cost of losing the treasure…and

Wrap Up June\Hello, July!

Greetings, all! Well, this post in incredibly late. *hides* I meant to post it at the beginning of July, but here we are and it’s the 11 th . At least I have a two good excuses for being late; Camp Nano and moving. Yes! We’re officially moving out of our house on Friday. Our new house should be ready to move into at the beginning of August, so until then we’re living with our grandparents. I’m so excited to move! XD Music The Sound of Silence covered by Brooklyn Duo I love the cello part in this song. It’s so amazing.   The Call by Regina Spektor This song gives me loads of nostalgia.   We Stand Together by Sound Adventures I love how the title fits in with the music of this song. Sound Adventures is a really good Epic Score artist. Lost Boy by Ruth B This type of music is not one I generally listen to, but I LOVE Ruth B’s voice. Movies Man of Steel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom   Thor: The Dark World Solo Kung Fu Panda 2