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Wrap Up October\Hello, November!

Greetings, all!  Well...this sounds familiar; Mem is late once again with her wrap up post and must (once again) title it "Wrap Up [insert name of past month]\Hello [insert name of current month]!" Ahem, anyway...on with the post! XD October's Songs: Boulevard of Broken Dreams covered by Lindsey Stirling I WANT TO LEARN IT!!! SO COOL!!! Come Little Children and the Hanging Tree covered by Peter Hollens A freaky, creepy, but super pretty medley.  Piano Battle: John Williams Vs. Hans Zimmer  Which composer is better? You decide ('cause I can't :-Z). October's Movies:   Serenity   (Sorry, there wasn't really a great poster for this movie. :-Z) National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Captain America: Civil War October Books:   Eulalia by Brian Jacques Raiders from the Sea by Lois Walfrid Johnson Showdown by Ted Dekker (still reading) October Events:   500th Anniversary of th

Announcement: Mission: Metal Art Competition WINNER!!!

Greetings, all! So, today I am going to announce the  Mission: Metal Art Competition winner! I had two entries, one by  Gray Marie and the other by  Ralraymee. If you didn't see them, you should totally go check them out!!! They were both awesome. XD (I don't think there were anymore entries, were there? If there was, my sincerest apologies, please give me the link so I can go look it up, and I will have another contest for you to enter yours. :-Z :-)) judge decided on a winner last week, and, it was a close one, but Ralraymee's entry won first place for being the most original and creative! Congrats, Ral!!! *throws confetti* Thanks so much to both of you guys for entering!!! I loved the pictures. *gives you pizza* Did you have fun doing the contest?  Namarie!