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The Get to Know Me Tag-Writer's Edition

Greetings, all! I have finally gotten around to posting this tag!!! It has been one of my favorite tags to answer so far. Many thanks to  Rachel and  Danielle for tagging me!!!* *(If anyone else tagged me, and I didn’t see it, my sincerest apologies to you, and let me know so I can add you to my list of people who have tagged me.) The tag was started by   Savannah and the rules are as follows: • Link back to the person who created the tag. (check) • Thank the person who tagged you. (double check) • Share the tag graphic. (triple check) • Tag eleven bloggers. (nope. I think everyone has done this tag already, and if you haven’t, then you are officially tagged now by me. XD) Vital Stats and Appearance Name: MiddleEarthMusician, aka Mem. XD (I can’t share my real name on the Internet, sorry.) Nicknames: I have one nickname that is in relation to my name, and I can’t share it. XP The nicknames I have that are not in relation to my name are “Mem” ( Jan

The Account of My Camping Adventures

Greetings, all! Here is the account of my travels, as promised. XD Enjoy! NOTE: All of the pictures in this post were either taken by me or my mom. I own the copyrights. Even if they were taken by my mom. XD Day 1-2 Salt Lake City Sunset over the Great Salt Lake Loveland Aquarium This aquarium was AMAZING, with a shark tube, different biomes, and a 4D movie theater. The Red Butte Gardens There were art displays throughout the garden made with nothing but Legos. Wow.  In-N-Out (no pictures, sorry. we were too busy eating. XD) Day 3-4 Quail Creek Park and Zion’s National Park Wildlife at Quail Creek Reservoir  This crayfish was promptly dubbed “Craig”. XD Breathtaking Red Layers and Mile-Long Tunnels at Zion’s National Park   This was one of my favorite parts of our trip. It was so beautiful. <333 Day 5-7 The Grand Canyon Wow. Just wow. :-O  Day 8-10 Mesa Verde Seein

Wrap Up September, Hello October!

Greetings, all!  Welp, it’s officially autumn here where I live! The leaves are changing colours, the air is getting crisp, and we have graduated to wearing sweaters at my house. I had a great September! We went on a two-week long camping trip (details to follow), and then came home and relaxed for a blissful few weeks before starting school. Now we’re in October, which happens to be my favourite month, and things are settling down to normal with school and schedules. :-D September’s Music: Avengers: Assemble-A Promise by Alan Silvestri  Ahhh, one of the most nostalgic pieces of music for me. I love the guitar part at the beginning.  Wanderer’s Lullaby by Adriana Figueroa  I absolutely adore this song. Her voice is a little high at times for my liking, but the words and music are lovely. Not to mention the title…<333 Fur Elise: Epic Trailer Version by Hidden Citizens This song. Wow. One of the most famous classical pieces turned into one o