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Aesthetic Bookshelves\\mostly because i didn't have a blog post planned\\ALL THE BOOKS

Greetings, all!   I didn't have any ideas for a blog post today (I didn't have one for last week either, hence the lack of a post XD), so I decided I would just show ya'll what I worked on all this morning.  Thanks to  Jane Maree for giving me inspiration... TA DA!!!  AREN'T THEY JUST SO AMAZINGLY COLOR COORDINATED???  Anyway, that's all I have for you today. XD How has your week been? What books are you reading right now? AND CAN WE JUST ALL APRECIATE COLOR COORDINATION PLEASE??? XD Namarie! 

Wrap up February\\Hello, March!

Greetings, all! February is always an interesting month. Sometimes it feels like it drags on forever like the hour before lunch time does; other times it flies by so fast I wonder if I blinked. And I have such a hard time spelling February. XD Does anyone else have this problem??? Anyway; I shall now relate what exactly I did this month. Which honestly wasn’t much. XP Music Listened to in February: High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco I don’t normally listen to P!atD music; but this song is an exception. Definitely one to listen to on a sunny, optimistic sort of day. Who You Really Are from BBC Sherlock by David Arnold and Michael Price     After I finished the Sherlock show at the beginning of this month *sobs*, I listened to this song on repeat for about an hour. XD It’s so pretty; with the violin duets at the beginning that merge into the main theme. Ahh. <33 This is Home by Switchfoot  Another music group that I don’t normally listen t