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Wrapping Up 2018-Welcoming 2019...

Greetings, all! ONLY TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL 2019!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  It seems like only a few months ago that I was writing a wrap-up post for 2017. Strange how time flies the older you get. What will it be like when we’re grandparents, I wonder? We’ll blink, and it will be the new year.  I had a challenging year, I will admit. Not my hardest, certainly; but it was a tough one. I was told we were moving at the end of last year; then in June we put our house on the market and had moved into our new house by August. Then my dad quit his job and started seminary, and I entered my junior year in high school. All of those changes happened within four months. It was crazy, but good kind of crazy. XD And now it’s time to reminisce about the past…  Big Events of 2018 Braces- Yup, joined the ranks of teenagers with braces. It’s been great fun so far. *nods seriously* Sweet Sixteen- I turned 16 this year! Funny, though…doesn’t feel much different than bei

It's Christmas Time Again-Christmas Movies

Greetings, all! Here is the last installment in my Christmas post series: Christmas Movies! Christmas movies are among some of the most nostalgic and sweetest movies ever made. In our family we have a set ten or so movies that we start watching the day after Thanksgiving. Here are a few of our favorites. Elf (2003) A rollicking tale filled with laughter, syrup, Elves, family, and singing loud for all to hear. Buddy the Elf goes to New York city to find his father, and discovers that not all people share his optimistic view on life. PG It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) My personal favorite Christmas movie. <333 George Bailey is given a chance to see what the world would be like if he had never been born. PG  The Ultimate Gift (2006)  OH MY WORD I’m pretty sure this movie will make most people cry (it didn’t make me cry but then I don’t cry in movies XD). Jason is given a mysterious inheritance by his deceased grandfather. PG The Star (2017) A

It's Christmas Time Again: his story-a christmas story

Greetings, all! Here is the second installment in my Christmas blog post series! I wrote this Christmas story yesterday, and wanted to share it will you guys. I hope you enjoy it! * I hold her hand tight. Her dark eyes are fixed on mine; her other hand rests on her round stomach. Her breath comes in short gasps. It is almost time. Night is falling and the air is cool. White stars flicker in the darkening sky. The donkey snorts; it skirts a large rock with care, as if it knows how priceless its burden is-the one yet to be born. The Son of God. I can see the first of the buildings of my home town in the distance. A flicker of light shows in a window; some inhabitants are still awake. I urge our beast up a slight incline. The pressure in my hand increases. I look up at my wife. Sweat drips from her forehead. “Joseph…” I let go of her hand and lay mine on her cheek. “We’re almost there.” I pull the rope tied around the donkey’s neck and haste

It's Christmas Time Again: MUSIC

Greetings, all! IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME AGAIN!!! In celebration of Christmas this year, I am going to embark on a new series of blog posts! Christmas MUSIC Christmas MOVIES And Christmas STORIES. This week is Christmas MUSIC. So let’s get started!!! :-D  Hark the Herald Angels Sing… Christmas music is some of the most nostalgic for me. Probably my favorite nostalgic Christmas song is  I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns .  I love the message, the words, and the pathos turned into victory they implement in the music. Amazing. Glory to the Newborn King! One of our family’s favorite Christmas songs is the 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser .  It’s pretty awesome. XD   Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild, You can’t have a Christmas song list in our house without having a Pentatonix one included! This is one of my favs; Carol of the Bells. <3 Isn’t their acapella great!? God and Sinners R

Wrap Up November, HELLO DECEMBER!!!

Greetings, all!  IT’S DECEMBER!!! IT’S TIME FOR CHRISTMAS AND PRETTY LIGHTS AND HOT CHOCOLATE (who am I kidding, I drink hot cocoa all year long XD) AND SNOW!!! At least, snow if you live in a place where it snows. Sorry, Australians; however, you’re welcome to some of our snow. Take as much as you need. XD Unfortunately, before I can embark on the ship of Christmasy (totally a word) blog posts, I must give an overview of my November. Rats. I can’t even remember very much of my November. Oh well, here we go. I apologize in advance for any absent-mindedness or craziness. I’m high on sugar. My mood:  Music Listened to in November Burn the Ships by for King and Country THIS SONG IS AMAZING. When Jesus Saved the World by Efisio Cross I love how this song conveys all the emotion of Jesus saving the world without any lyrics. <3 The Greatest Show covered by for King and Country  I freaked out the first time I heard this song. W