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Narnia's Beginning: A Poem

Greetings, all! Here is a poem that I wrote a few years ago. I based it off of the Magician's Nephew chapter when Aslan creates all the creatures and living things that inhabit that world. I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know it the comment section what you think about my poetry style! XD Narnia’s Beginning Based on The Magician’s Nephew, by C.S. Lewis The land without light has begun A place where not yet a tongue Has spoken. Far away, notes are dancing, Tripping, graceful, bright, like the dawn Rises o’er the black of night To chase away the shadows. Another chorus joins the first, Silvery and cold, high and tingling Like a flash, the stars appear As if an ebony curtain, thrown across the heavens Was pulled away by the icy music. Now, glorious, the music mighty Brings forth the golden sun on high Laughing for joy, it heightens And enhances the new world’s beauty, Revealing the Master. A Lion. Golden, shaggy, light, and shining Hu


Hello! This is my first blog post on my blog, Music, Mystery, Middle Earth, and Mitochondria. I just want to say I hope you will continue to read this blog, pop in for a visit here and there, and enjoy all the nerdy things I post on it. I hope my geekiness isn’t too annoying for you all. ;-D Tea is at four, but all of you are welcome at any time. Hope you have a wonderful day! ~Middle Earth Musician~