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Forging the Fellowship Tag

Greetings, all!  I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! It’s super cold, snowy, and icy here; but other than that, everything’s great where I live. XD I was tagged by the wonderful  Kendra Lynne to participate in this Forging a Fellowship out of Book Characters tag! I am very excited about this tag; as it combines two of my favorite things-fictional characters and LotR. Seriously; how could this get any better??? :-D Here be The Rules (darn it; my last couple of tags had no rules): Include the tag banner in your post. (Okie-day.) Link back to the creator of the tag. ( ) Thank and link back to the person who tagged you . (Thanks again, Kendra!) Forge your Fellowship out of BOOK CHARACTERS by answering the given questions! Tag three bloggers to pass the Ring to. (ONLY THREE???) And here be The Questions ! 1.         [The Ringbearer]: If you could choose, which of the four races would you be: El

Fictional Character Ships\\It's Valentine's Day and All.

Greetings, all!  Today being Valentine’s Day and all; I thought I would write a post about my favorite fictional character ships. There are not very many fictional couples that I ship*; but the ones I do I’m afraid I may act a little…insane about. Just a little. Anyway, here goes! XD DISCLAIMER: I tried to keep spoilers to a minimum; but read on at your own risk. :-) #1: John\Mary Watson from Sherlock  My ABSOLUTE favorite fictional couple EVER. And I shipped them even before I knew there was a TV series…XD I love their back-and-forths, their wedding, how adorable they are together, EVERYTHING. AGH. And those of you who have seen Season Four of Sherlock, you guys can come and cry with me.   #2: Kanan Jarrus\Hera Syndulla from Star Wars: Rebels A couple from a lesser-known Star Wars TV series; and I shipped them from day one. XD AND THEN SEASON FOUR HAPPENED. WHY. Why does my heart get broken in season four of tv series???

The Greatest Showman Book Tag\\I didn't steal this tag

Greetings, all!   I was tagged by the lovely  Rachel to do this Greatest Showman book tag! :-D Thank you for tagging me, Rachel! * The Greatest Show: A Book as Entertaining as The Circus Hmm, I’d probably have to say any one of the Tales of Redwall series written by Brian Jacques. Those are some hilarious and epic books. <3  A Million Dreams: A Book Set in a Fantastical World The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander are set in a pretty fantastical world.  Come Alive: A Book That Makes You Outrageously Happy Blank Mastermind by Rosey Mucklestone. I love that book so much. <333 The Other Side: A Book That Changed Your Mind About Something The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Before I read that book, I was convinced I didn’t like classics, and it definitely changed my mind. XD Never Enough: A Book That You've Re-read More Than Once Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (because no book tag is complete withou

Wrapping Up January\\Hello, February!

Greetings, all!  IT’S FINALLY THE BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY!!! I SWEAR TIME SLOWED DOWN IN JANUARY!!! …and yet somehow I managed to not get very much done last month. :-Z Oh well. At least I listened to a lot of music. XD Music Listened to in January Brother Mine by David Arnold and Michael Price  This song is so eerie and beautiful; and I love the string solo in the middle. West Coast by Imagine Dragons  I’ve been listening to a lot of ID music this month; and while I don’t normally like their more light-hearted music, this one caught my attention-and I may or may not have listened to it 10 or more times in a row…XD I love the chorus. My Love Has Gone Across the Sea by Andrew and Skye Peterson  We just finished reading the Wingfeather Saga as a family (OH MY WORD THAT ENDING THOUGH :-O); and so I went and listened to the soundtrack of the first episode of the mini-series. This song was definitely my favorite. <333 Monster by Imagi