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The Stationary Tag

Greetings and Happy Leap Day, my friends! 

I got tagged by the lovely Rachel at R's Loft to participate in this stationary tag that was created by Bethany who blogs at Scribbled Fiction! Many thanks for tagging me, Rachel!!! And many thanks to Bethany for creating this tag. :D There’s little in the world I love more than pens and notebooks…of course, I don’t often actually write in my notebooks but still. They’re amazing. XP 

1. Share the image I made or link back to me cuz it's my tag,

2. Answer the questions, and

3. Tag three more people once you're done!

What's the most recent thing you've bought for your *cough* stash?

Well I didn’t technically buy it, but the most recent thing I got for my, ahem, stash was this anchor journal given to me at Christmas by a dear friend.

She got it for me because it reminded her of my pirate novel, Of Seas, Silver, and Shipmates. <33 It’s so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

What's your favorite notebook and favorite pencil/pen?

My favorite notebook is this Captain America moleskin notebook, and I actually have two favorite pens-the top one is a blue-and-black ink one that is AMAZING to see on paper, and the bottom one is a well-used micro-tip pen that I need to replace soon. X’D

If you DIY your notebooks or pens, what's the best one you've done? (if you haven't, just tell us what you would DIY if you had the skillz).

I do DIY notebooks and pencils\pens, but I haven’t done any for myself for a long time. X’D Here’s some that I’ve done for friends recently. :D

Do you have any cute erasers? If you do, let's see them!

What are these erasers that you speak of?
XP I have two, but they’re not really cute imo. But here’s a picture of them anyways. X’D

They're being stalked by a plot bunny, I'm afraid.

What's the piece of stationary you have but don't use because it's too nice?

…all of them???
I have this Tolkien journal that I’ve only written one thing in-I’m kind of scared to do anything else to it, it’s so pretty! (Many thanks to Kendra Lynne for getting me this journal, even though all it does is sit in my desk and collect dust.) X’D I love it.

And finally, show us your full stationary collection. If you want, you can even include numbers.

Ooh joy. :D

32 Pens (that I could find, I know I have a few more floating around here somewhere)

4 Highlighters

11 Sharpies

24 Colored Pencils

6 Other Pencils

2 Sets of Letters and Cards

8 Notebooks and 1 Set of Sticky Notes

Aaannnddd, that’s a wrap! XP I shall proceed to tag Homeschooled Mando , Danielle\Snapper, and Anna Black-and anybody else who wants to do this tag, feel free to steal it!!! X’D

How many notebooks do you have? And do you actually write in yours or are you like me? X’D



  1. OOh, I'm obsessed with posts like this! I love all of your notebooks and pens. <33

  2. That anchor journal is so pretty! And I love the Tolkien one, too. I can see why you wouldn't want to write in it, though. xD I have the same problem with some of my prettier notebooks.

  3. I have at least four or five? Notebooks right now, two of which are full, and three of which I am writing in, I also stick pictures in and do collages in them as well, along with check lists, writing prompts, etc. so it's impossible for me not to fill up a note-book ever, if it's empty I feel restless and feel a need to fill it.

    Your Tolkien notebook is awesome (I love the One Ring bookmark? Is that a bookmark?) and and also your purple one as well.

  4. Yes yes yes!! I remember giving you that notebook! Oh my goodness it is more amazing than I remembered. o.o I do not fault your for not using it. I would probably treat it with the same reverence if it were mine. ;) I remember I also ordered a pen... that was GANDALF'S STAFF, but guess what?? Somehow the package was slit during shipping and the pen fell out somewhere along the way!! OoO I was devastated! *moans*

    Awesome collection! This was a fun tag to read! :)

  5. Too many. . . can't stop them. . . there are just TOO many notebooks. . . *shakes head sadly*

  6. I'm definitely gonna steal this one, i love this idea!!!

  7. Oooooh, stationery!!! XD

    I love your Tolkien're right, it's almost too pretty to write in. Also, your DIY notebooks are lovely! :) I've never done one myself but I admire those who can!

    Thanks for the tag, it shall be fun! :D

    p.s. You new(ish) blog design looks really nice!!

  8. Kinda late comment, but nice post I’m looking forward to seeing future content. Oh and by the way my sister is Grace Marie


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