Friday, May 24, 2019

Star Wars Character Tag+Exciting Announcment!

Greetings, All!

I was tagged on May 4th by the lovely Kendra Lynne for this Star Wars Character Tag. This tag looks super awesome; I LOVE character tags, and when they’re based off of Star Wars that makes them even better. XD

The rules…


2. Refer To Number 1.

3. There is one absolute rule: You MUST use your own characters (OCs) for this tag. (Brownie points if you add pictures of your characters.)

4. The Sorta Rule: Scream a huge thank you to whoever tagged you for this whilst treating them to a pizza dinner at your favorite pizza chain. (THANK YOU SO MUCH KENDRA!!! *gives you a pizza that is baked in the shape of the Millennium Falcon*)

5. The Kinda Rule: Include This Link In The Post So That The Penny Can Read Everyone’s Answers To This Smol Strange Tag:

6. The Rule That’s Not Really A Rule But It Would Be Great: Include The Graphic and Tag at Least Three Jedi or Sith Lords.

The Star Wars Character Tag

#1 Who’s your Obi-Wan Kenobi? (sassy, a great mentor, but can be a bit strict)

Okay; so he’s not actually in a novel of mine, but Señor Guillermo from my short story Faith Like a Pearl fits this category PERFECTLY. He’s definitely on the sassy side. XP

#2 Who’s your Leia Organa? (feisty, incredible comebacks, does their own thing)

Honestly, Doctor Robert J. Ericson from one of my sci-fi novels, The Ship’s Log. He’s not quite as feisty as Leia; but he does do his own thing and has incredible comebacks when he actually bothers to pay attention to what other people are saying. 

#3 Who’s your Finn? (overeager, adorable, cinnamon roll)

Ian Eden from Mission: Metal, part one of my post-apocalyptic novel. No doubt about it; this child is a cinnamon roll. 

#4 Who’s your Padme? (kind, loving, but also kickbutt)

Elayne Lia, also from Mission: Metal. She’s in her forties and is a mom of three kids; but she is also one of the most proficient empty hand fighters in her world. 

#5 Who’s your Count Dooku? (deliciously evil, extra, and sick burns)

I can’t deny that I’m a little confused by this question. None of my characters have burns.

Oh wait. I could do that to him…mwuahahahahahaha…never mind me. I just got an awesome idea. >:-D

Ahem; deliciously evil would have to go to Necro Dirk, villain in The Ship’s Log. Although Dojan from Mission: Metal would be a close second…

^^^ this is Necro

#6 Who’s your BB-8? (too cute, everyone loves them, can do no wrong)

Jian from Of Seas, Silver, and Shipmates. He finally got written (yay!) and he’s one of my favorites already. The precious child. 

#7 Who’s your Yoda? (underestimated, extra, wise)

Jace from my newly named sci-fi novel, Hood.

He’s amazing. ‘Nuff said. 

#8 Who’s your Anakin Skywalker?  (bratty, rebellious, whiny)

(It’s okay, Anakin. I still love you even though you’re considered bratty and whiny. XD) 

Hehehehehehe…um. I honestly don’t really like writing whiny characters. I think the charrie that I have that complains the most would be Kenneth Fletcher from Hood…but he’s not whiny. XD  

#9 Who’s your C3-PO? (always worrying, gives depressing information, constantly wailing)

Oh, you mean Beeper? He’s actually a robot too. XD

I don’t have a picture for him yet; but he’s in Hood. I can’t tell you exactly what he’s made of either, because spoilers. XD 

#10 Who’s your Luke Skywalker? (hero, has been through a lot, has their share of flaws)

Shae Lia. Heroine of Mission: Metal. She’s the first real character I ever created. She actually kind of reminds me of a darker, more introverted version of Luke. Hmmmm…XD

Aanndd…that’s a wrap!

Now I’m going to go and tag people. The best part. XP 

Anna at Iorhl

Hope you enjoy the tag! may have been wondering what the exciting announcement was that I hinted at in the title of this post. 
I shall now tell you. 

(It's actually not //that// exciting. Just mostly exciting for me. XP)


Ahem. Yes. I am perfectly fine. XD
First draft is done! I'm now going on to edits now. Fun. XD

Anyway; which of your characters is a Padme? BB-8? Who's your most deliciously evil villain?


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Imagine Dragons Book Tag

Greetings, all!

A while back I was tagged by the lovely Rachel over at R’s Loft to participate in her Imagine Dragons book tag. And now that I have some free time, I shall proceed to answer the questions and tag some of you fantastic people. XP

These be the rules:

Link back to the creator. (R's Loft)

Thank the person who tagged you. (Thank you so much, Rachel!)

Answer the questions. (I shall do so.)

Tag as many or few people as you like! (As many as I like…oooh…XD.)

And here be the questions:

Gold-a book where the main character has a curse (or gift that seems like one)

Veiled Rose by Anne Elizabeth Stengl would fit this category, I believe. It’s been too long since I’ve read this book; but I’m pretty sure it fits. XD

Friction-a book you resisted reading
Redwall by Brian Jacques. Which is kind of ironic, because I now have read all 22 books in the Redwall series and love them all very much. But when my mom wanted me to read the first one back when I was younger, I did not want to read it at all. XD

Then I started it and got sucked in. Haven’t looked back yet. XP 

Monster-a book with a negative character arc
I know I’ve read a book where the main character ends up being a bad guy, but I can’t remember what it was. XD So I’m going to go with The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson; because in it we read the history of one of the characters who betrays the others in an earlier book, and how this character turned evil in the first place.

Can’t say who that person is, ‘cause spoilers. XP  

Demons-a book where the character has a secret
By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson. Haven’t actually finished this book; but so far it’s pretty cool.

Hear Me-a book you love that people don't seem to know about
Dream Thief by Stephen R. Lawhead. Fantastic book. Ya’ll need to read it. ;-P 

America-a book set in your state/country

The Stout-Hearted Seven by Neta Lohnes Frazier (granted, I haven’t actually read the book but I did listen to the audio book). This is a really good book about my area; but it is also pretty sad. :-( 

Whatever It Takes-a book where the main character won't give up despite the odds
Summer of Suspense by C.R. Hedgecock. This series is a great Christian adventure\mystery\secret agent series. I highly recommend it. :-)  

Walking the Wire-a book with a hard-won romance

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

Not gonna say any more. XP Spoilers. 

Thunder-a book that rattled you

Run Baby, Run by Nicky Cruz. Wow. This book is the autobiography of a kid who ruled one of the biggest street gangs in New York in the 20th century and of his coming to know Jesus. It’s phenomenal.

Disclaimer: this book is quite violent and graphic. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under the age of 16-17. F.Y.I. 

Boomerang-a book you keep coming back to
Blank Mastermind by Rosey Mucklestone. If ya’ll read it, you’ll know why. XD

Bad Liar-a book with an unreliable narrator

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with an unreliable narrator. Now I’m intrigued. I must go and find one. 

Digital-a book with lots of tech/computers/video games
I’d say the entire Artemis Fowl series. There’s tons of fairy tech and computers and all that fun stuff. ;-D

Now I’m going to go ahead and tag Faith, Gray Marie, and The Story Sponge. Enjoy the tag! :-D

What’s your favorite Imagine Dragons song? Have you read any of these books? And has anyone read a book with an unreliable narrator? If you have, you must tell me what that book was. XP

Have a lovely rest of your day. <33


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Wrap Up April\\Hello, May!

Greetings, all! 

Welp, April has come and vanished.

And I’m not entirely certain that someone didn’t speed up time this year.

April is one of my absolute favorite months. Spring finally decides to show its face, the weather starts to warm up, and its also my birthday month (so maybe I’m a little biased XP).

(And shh. I totally know its May 9th. This post was definitely planned to be late. XD) 

Music of April

(I listened to a lot of movie and video game scores this month. XD)

Worlds Colliding from Spider-Man by John Paesano 
This song is just downright gorgeous. <33

Can You See Jane from Thor by Patrick Doyle
I LOVE the first two Thor movie soundtracks. This one is from the end of the movie and it’s lovely.

The High Seas from Assassin’s Creed 
I discovered this album not too long ago and was amazed at how the feel of the music fit perfectly with my pirate novel. :-O <33

Can You Dig It from Iron Man 3 by Brian Tyler
This song makes me smile. It’s reminiscent of The Incredibles soundtrack, but with more Tony Starkness in it. XD 

Movies of April

Psych Series 3

The Thief Lord <33

Mary Poppins Returns

Time Changer

Newsies <33

Rise of the Guardians

Lady in the Water 

Avengers: Endgame <333

Books of April

Brotherband: Slaves of Scorro by John Flanagan

Renegade Skyfarer by R.J. Metcalf

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Void Born by R.J. Metcalf

Brotherband: Scorpion Mountain by John Flanagan

(the book titles with links attached to them are ones that I’ve written book reviews for)

Events of April

Camp Nano-I DID IT!!! I WON CAMP NANO!!! I was a little distracted about halfway through because we had a tragedy happen to one of the families at our church; but I managed to pull through and smash my goal. I even went one word over my goal. XP (I’ll have some snippets for you to read in a moment.) HUGE SHOUTOUT to all my lovely fellow Fellowship of the Keyboards cabin members; and our Most High Honorable Cabin Leader Jane. It was an awesome writing session, friends. <33

Oh, and we had a rogue orc in our cabin that kept eating up our comments. Did anyone else have this orc or his accomplices raiding their cabins? XD

My Birthday-I turned 17 this month! Here is a link to my birthday speech, if you haven’t read it yet. XP In that post I also announced a vlog that I am going to host hopefully this month; so if you haven’t asked me any questions yet and you would like to do so make sure to visit that post and leave some questions in the comments. :-)


(I did do a few other things, but they’re not really worth mentioning.)

April Writing

For my Camp Nano project this year I tried to finish my pirate novel, Of Seas, Silver, and Shipmates.

Well…I’m almost done with it. I think I have about threeish chapters left. IT’S SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE THOUGH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

And then come August I may be asking for some beta readers…if anyone is interested. XD



We traveled all that day and late into the night. Elani told us that the location on the map was on the west coast of Africa; near an old abandoned pirate hideaway. I asked her why it was abandoned.

                She said it may or may not have had something to do with Colin getting lost on his first sea voyage without his father, an unwanted present, and a dare from the ship’s cook. She wouldn’t say anything else.

                I would have liked to hear more about this adventure.


We stared at each other in horror, listening to the cannon balls splash into the water or smash into the sides of our ship; hitting with a solid thunk or cracking the tough boards wide open.

The ship rocked back and forth; and the lantern slid across the small open surface area of our small hiding place. I grabbed it’s handle to stop it from tipping over.

A cannonball smashed into the side of the ship nearest us; and we heard the boards splinter. A steady sound of water began; and I could see moisture seep into a small crack in the floorboard above us.

“We can’t stay in here long,” I said. “This compartment will flood!”


My mind was whirling. She appeared to be making sense; but what if I couldn’t trust her anymore? Why was nothing logical? What was happening?

                Then Elani moved.

                And I ended up on the ground.


Aanndd…that is all I have to say for now.

So how was your April? How many writerly types out there smashed their Camp Nano goals? Who else has seen Endgame already? (No spoilers please! I don’t want any spoilers on my blog. XP) And what is one of your favorite movie scores?

Until next we meet!


Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Long Expected Birthday...

My dear People!

My dear Bagginses and Boffins, and my dear writers and artists, and OYANers, and bloggers, and Burrowses, and Camp Nanoers, and nerds, Bracegirdles, friends, musicians, and Proudfoots.


Proudfoots. Also my good Sackville-Bagginses…today is my 17th birthday! 

I shall not keep you long! I have called you together for a purpose. Indeed; for three purposes. 
First of all, to tell you that I am immensely fond of you all. <33

Secondly; to celebrate my birthday! 

Thirdly and finally; to announce a Q&A tag!!! 

DISCLAIMER; this is not in Bilbo’s original speech. 

Yes! I will (hopefully) be hosting a vlog on my blog next month. If you would like to ask any questions about my writings, or me (hehehe…) you can leave them in a comment and I will add them to my question list!!! 

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to refuse to answer questions that I deem to be innapropirate or rude. Thank you. :-D 

Anyhow; that was all I wished to say. XD

I am leaving NOW! Good-bye! 


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Camp Nano Update\\Feat. SPRING PHOTOS!!!

Greetings, all!

I do believe Spring is finally here. This week our high was 83 degrees Farenheight; and its only mid-April!!

Not that I’m complaining, of course. XP 

Camp Nano has been going pretty good for me of late; I’m really developing my story and characters. Freja my gypsy girl has been as irritating to Eden (my MC) as always. And FINALLY we’re having some action…as there may or may not have been a pirate attack at sea…and there may or may not have been some causalities… *whistles nonchalantly* 



Freja took to sea life like a fish to water. I know that is a horrible cliché, but that is the first thing I thought of when I saw her skipping around the deck of the ship, singing in her hoarse voice and swabbing the decks with a mop that looked as if it had also done duty as a club in its day…which had probably been a hundred years ago. The thick handle was breaking apart, the tendrils of cloth attached to the bottom were fraying, and it hardly held enough water to fill a small cup.


Freja bounced up and down. “I heard one o’ the sailors talking at dinner. He said there are mermaids in the waters down south. Have you ever seen a mermaid, Elani?”

                Her faint smile grew larger. “No, Freja; I don’t believe they exist.”

                Freja slumped. “Barnacles, I had hoped they were real. They sounded so pretty.”

                Elani opened her eyes. “What did you just say?”

                “They sounded so pretty?”

                “No; did you say barnacles?”

                Freja shrugged. “Y’ smacked me the last time I said something that I had learned while living with the gypsies, so I said something I learned from a sailor.”

                Elani shook her head. “Barnacles is better than the other thing you said.”


Freja laughed. “Y’ can make a wish! If you wish on a shooting star, it will come true next time you see a shooting star.”

                Elani snorted. “That’s almost as preposterous as believing in mermaids.”


Then I heard the screaming. 


How much worse could you get?

…Much worse, as it turned out.


His dark eyes were shaded by his dark hair; and his thin mouth was partially hidden by the shadows from his prominent cheekbones.


So that’s how my story’s coming along. XD

Aanndd…a friend of mine who wants to become an illustrator is trying her hand at drawing for books for my story. Here is the first illustration that she has completed; and she is currently working on a couple more.

Isn’t it lovely??? :-O <33 Thanks so much E.M.!

How is Camp Nano going for the participants out there? Did you enjoy my snippets? Has Spring reached all you people in the Western Hemisphere yet? XD

Have a lovely Easter\Resurrection Sunday everyone!!! 


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