Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Sunshine Blogger Award Tag!

Greetings all!

I have been tagged!!!

Many thanks to the wonderful Story Sponge for tagging me! I am very excited to answer all the lovely questions that you asked. :D

Here are the rules; unfortunately, I must follow them this time around.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. (Thank you so much Story Sponge! <3)  

2. List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post. (Done and done.)

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. (I will probably.)

4. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts. (O-o That’s a lot of bloggers to nominate. I will try my best.)

5. Ask the nominees 11 new questions. (*thumbs up*)

And here are le questions!

What is one phenomenal book that you think more people should know about?

Blank Mastermind by Rosey Mucklestone. You guys, this is an A M A Z I N G book by an A M A Z I N G girl. If you like evil masterminds, epic schemes, plot twists, dysfunctional families, guns, and ice cream-you will love this book. GO READ IT.

Who is one of your favorite fictional characters and why?

(Well, I think you all know that I love Sherlock Holmes, so we’re going to pick a different character for this question. XP)

A fictional character that I REALLY like is Puddleglum from The Silver Chair, book six of The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. I love him because he’s so morose and down-trodden and gloomy about everything, but really is the bravest of them all.

And also “Respectowiggle”. You can’t beat that. X’D  

What is a song that you really love at this moment?

OOH A MUSIC QUESTION *dives into all my Spotify playlists* Ahem, I think one of my current favorite songs is Bones by Galantis and OneRepublic. I love the sentiment of the song, and it’s so bouncy and happy sounding. I love it. <33

Another song I am loving right now is the cover of Someone You Loved by the Piano Guys. It’s so beautiful. <333

If you could acquire one real-life skill overnight, what would it be? (like the ability to perform neurosurgery or play the accordion or balance a grape on your nose for extended periods of time)

I don’t know…I kind of want to try to balance a grape on my nose for an extended period of time… XD

Um…hm…I think it would be to be able to code and hack computers honestly. Although being able to dance overnight would be awesome too…

Ooh, and to be able to ride a unicycle…

Okay I’ll stop now. XP

If you could acquire one non-real-life skill overnight, what would it be? (like the ability to breathe underwater or control objects with your mind or balance a grape on your nose for extended periods of time)

I’m sensing a pattern with the grapes here. X’D AND YES THESE KIND OF QUESTIONS ARE MY FAVORITE.

I would LOVE to be able to have the skill of Elvish bards-when they sing or tell a story their audience sees and hears the things that they’re relating to them. It would be so cool to tell a story to someone and for them to be able to experience it.

It would also be cool to turn invisible though, to be honest.

What book surprised you the most this year, and in what way? (It doesn’t have to be one that came out this year)

So on Thursday I went to the library and picked up Cinder by Marissa Myer. I’ve been putting off reading this series because I thought it was just another romance series that everyone was in to, so I wasn’t particularly excited about reading it. BUT OH MY GOODNESS WAS I WRONG. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I LOVE IT. It had a really unique story world and a surprising plot line. I love it. <33

Would you rather be a superhero or his butler?

Um, his butler. They’re only the coolest people ever. XP

What makes you laugh? (Besides reading this blog, because I already know I’m hilarious)

You are Sponge, you are. XD

Clever and witty comebacks, sarcasm, and memes.

Memes are the best, friends.

What is something that you know is silly but you love it anyway?

*looks at the pile of stuffed animals and crocheted dolls on my bed*

*innocent smile*

Ummmm…I’d have to say probably plastic toy dinosaurs and mini lego space ships. I have a couple of each, and they’re wonderful. ^-^

Which fictional character would you adopt in a heartbeat?




If money was no object, which book would you adapt either into a movie or into a Broadway musical?

A book series I really want made into a movie series is The Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson. It would be /so cool/ if they did it right. All the super powers and unique landscapes would make for a phenomenal cinematic experience, and the characters, plot, and humor put together would be amazing.

Aannd that’s a wrap!

Now I get to ask peoples and tag questions. ;-D

Kendra Lynne 
Gray Marie 
Anna Holmberg
Jane Maree (because you definitely need me to tag you again Jane XD)
Catherine (you also need another tag Catherine XP)

Here are your questions! ^-^

What is the most recent book that you finished?

If you could pick any planet in our solar system to visit (besides Earth of course XP), what would it be?

What is your favorite mythical creature?

Would you rather own the Batmobile or the Invisible Jet?

Pick a favorite literary quote.

Favorite type of tree?

What is a book that you have heard tons about but haven’t read yet?

Yoda or Gandalf.

What is a favorite instrumental song of yours?

What is an incredibly weird superpower that you would love to have (i.e. the ability to stop people from talking, the power to create instant cupcakes, the ability to talk to frogs)?

Would you like to be able to balance grapes on your nose for an extended amount of time? (I’m curious, guys.)

Hope you have fun with the questions! :-D

Now your turn to talk! Would you rather be a superhero or his butler? What is a current favorite song of yours? And most importantly…do you guys know what tomorrow is??? (Hint-it has something to do with the birthday of a certain MC and his uncle from a famous fantasy epic series that has something to do with a magical object… *winks*)


Saturday, August 31, 2019

Wrap Up August\Welcome September!

Greetings, all!

(Well, would you look at that. I actually have my wrap up post out on time.

Something must be wrong with me.)

I had a lovely August. Peaceful, sunny, and I accomplished a lot of small chores and the like. But YoU gUyS AuTumN iS CoMiNG. MY FAVORITE SEASON EVER.

Music of August

There was much listening of music in August. XD

Trouble by Avicii 
This song gives me a very strong feeling of home, for some reason. I love it so much. <33 

Above and Beyond by Audiomachine 
Audiomachine is one of my favorite epic score groups, and this song is especially powerful and amazing. 

Don’t Give Up on Me by Andy Grammer
I normally don’t listen to love songs, but this one is SO GOOD. I really like Andy Grammer’s voice, and the sentiment of this song is super sweet. 

Ride to Stooky House by Michelle DiBucci 

This song is from a horror movie soundtrack, but it was so eerily lovely that I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. 
(And I could only find it on Spotify, sorry. I think it is on YouTube but Blogger wasn't letting me load the song. :-Z) 

Wake Up by NF
For the longest time I refused to listen to any rap, because I was convinced that I didn’t like it. Well, as it turns out, I was wrong. NF is a phenomenal musician, and this song is one of my favorites of his.

In My Blood\Swan Lake covered by The Piano Guys
A classic Piano Guys piece, one of my favorites from their newest album. I love the crescendo.

Movies of August

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children 



Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee Returns

Psych Series 4 and 5



The Giver

A Quiet Place 

Books of August

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness <\\3

The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan

Tales of Redwall: Mossflower by Brian Jacques

Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs

Brotherband: The Ghostfaces by John Flanagan

Events of August

National Bible Bee-Every year, my family participates in the National Bible Bee. This summer the Bible Bee theme was Worship, and we studied the book of Psalms. It was such a sweet study, and the test went pretty well. None of my family made it to Nationals this year, but it was still fun. :-)  

Blue Belt in Kung Fu-My brother and I passed our blue belt test! Only three more belts to black belt. I’m excited. :-D

(My Sifu and I during my belt ceremony.) 

Piano Guys Concert-The Piano Guys came to my state once again, and my dad and I went and saw them at a beautiful venue near the foothills. The highlight of the concert for me was when they played A Million Dreams-it was absolutely beautiful. <33

Church Family Camp-August is when our church has its annual family camp, so we packed up and headed for the mountains. I had a great time-ice cream, games with friends, worship music around the campfire, bike rides, starry skies, archery tag, and sitting on the playground at midnight convinced that we were surrounded by bears (we totally were XD). Can’t wait for next year. ^-^

(Me doing archery tag feat. my little sis in the background. XD)

That’s everything big that happened. The rest of my month consisted of skyping with distant friends, editing my novel, beta reading friend’s stories, playing my violin, painting, cleaning, and much laughter.

Writing of August

I only wrote a few thousand words this month, mostly because I was editing my novel Of Seas, Silver, and Shipmates so that I could enter it into the One Year Adventure Novel Contest. I have low expectations of my novel, but I’m hoping for semi-finalist at least. We’ll see. XP

My uncle and I may also be possibly starting an epic new WIP together…one that involves water and Robin Hood…I’ll leave you in expectancy until next month.

Aren’t I nice.


That’s my month! Tell me about yours. Did you read any good books? Find any new favorite songs? How did your writing go this month? And who else is ready for Autumn???


Thursday, August 22, 2019

It's So Classic Blog Party Tag

Greetings, all! 

I hath been tagged twice in the past few weeks, so now I actually have a reason to do a blog post. XP

This week’s tag is the It’s So Classic Blog Tag, which I have been tagged for by Catherine. Thanks so much, friend! 

Unfortunately, there are rules that accompany this tag. XD 


1. Link back to Rebellious Writing (
2. Answer the questions
3. Tag at least 5 bloggers.

What is one classic that hasn’t been made into a movie yet, but really needs to?

I’m going to say The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis.

What draws you to classics?

The fact that so many people have read and loved them throughout the years, honestly.

What is an underrated classic?

The Count of Monte Cristo. I love this book so much-but it puts a lot of people off, probably because its over 1,000 pages long. XP 

What is one classic that you didn’t expect to love, but ended up loving anyway?

Dracula, by Bram Stoker. I was not super excited when I started reading it, but after a couple of chapters it hooked me. Another one is Animal Farm by George Orwell. 

What is your most favorite and least favorite classics?

Favorite: Either The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle or Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (we’re not counting LotR for this question XD). Least Favorite: The Prince and the Pauper. I have never really liked that story. XD

What is your favorite character from a classic? Or if that is too hard, one is your favorite classic character trope (e.g. strong and silent, quiet sidekick, etc.)

My favorite character from a classic is definitely Sherlock Holmes. X’D 

What’s a popular classic that you felt wasn’t actually that great?

…Erm, I haven’t really read enough classics to give this question a fair answer. XP 

Who is your favorite classic author?

C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Arthur Conan Doyle, L.M. Montgomery, Charles Dickens, Ray Bradbury…okay I’ll stop now. XD

In your opinion, what makes a classic a classic? 

A classic is just something that is of good quality that came first. So that’s what makes a good classic in my opinion-a book of first class writing that sort of paved the way for others of that type. 

Relating to newer books, what attributes does a book need to have in order to be worthy of the title “classic”?

Good writing and rich story; and it has to mean something, have depth.

I felt totally inadequate doing this tag, that’s for sure. Some of my favorite books are classics, but I don’t actually read very many of them. XD 

And now who to tag, who to tag. The question is, who hasn’t done this tag yet. XD

Kendra Lynne

The Story Sponge

Jane Maree

Lady Awdur


I think you guys all read classics. XD Enjoy the tag!

Now, your turn to talk! 

What’re some of your favorite classics? Have you ever made it all the way through The Count of Monte Cristo (an A+ book, btw)? What’s a classic that you think should be made into a movie and hasn’t yet? 

(Oh, and feel free to steal the tag.)


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Wrap Up July\\Welcome, August+An Announcement!

Greetings, all!

I fully intended to have my wrap-up of July posted right on time, but y’all know that little thing called life?

It is not liking me of late; I can tell you that. XD

So here is my very late wrap-up post, with an important announcement featured at the end. XP

July’s Music

(Been listening to a lot of music lately. XD)

In Case You Don’t Live Forever by Ben Platt
Ben Platt’s solo album has a couple of absolutely beautiful songs on it, and this one is probably my favorite right now. <33 I love the nostalgic lyrics. 

Shadowheart by Epic Score
 WOW Epic Score’s latest album was AMAZING. This song is one of the best from that album-I love the intensely epic feel of it.

Speechless from Aladdin (2019)-cover by One Voice Children’s Choir
Still haven’t seen the live-action Aladdin, but the soundtrack is pretty awesome. This children’s choir is spectacular, and their cover of this rousing song is A+. 

Thomas Remembers by John Paesano from Maze Runner 
Been on a Maze Runner hype the past month or so, and as a result started listening to the soundtrack. I LOVE John Paesano, and this soundtrack is one of his best, in my opinion. 

Now and For Always by A.R. Rahman (LotR Musical) 
A friend of mine discovered a Lord of the Rings musical on Spotify a few weeks back, and being the MiddleEarthMusician, I had to listen to it. It’s actually REALLY good-I LOVE this song. <333

Believe by James Paget 
One of my favorite songs ever. <333

July Movies

Maze Runner: The Death Cure 

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Jericho: Season One 

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

 Pete’s Dragon 


A Quiet Place 

July’s Books

(Didn’t do much actual book reading this month-I helped a couple of friends proofread their novels so I didn’t have time for much other reading. XP Read some pretty epic novels though-can’t wait until they get published!) 

Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard

The Fever Code by James Dashner

I Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard

The Death Cure by James Dashner

The Kill Order by James Dashner

Tales of Redwall: Eulalia by Brian Jacques 

Tales of Redwall: Lord Brocktree by Brian Jacques

July Events

Camp Nano-Met my usual goal of 10,000 words and had a blast in The Fellowship of the Keyboards cabin.  A huge shout out to all my fellow cabin mates, and to our epic cabin leader, Jane Maree. You guys are awesome! <33

Spider-Man: Far From Home in Theater-Went to see this movie in the theater for my friend’s 18th birthday. It was REALLY good, and we were totally fangirling during the whole movie (not to mention during the previews XP). It was great.

Real Camping Trips-Went up to the mountains early in the month for a relaxing camping trip, complete with ice-cream, sunburns, and little sleep. It was a sweet family time, nonetheless. <33

July Writing

Here’s some snippets for y’all. Hope you enjoy them. XP


I woke up this morning on the floor of my room, d-pad clutched in my hand and e-books scattered on the floor. My eyes were swollen and my vision bleary, and my throat felt like a death slug had crawled in there in the middle of the night and exploded.

I got to my feet, found some clean clothes in my trunk, and hurried to the restroom to clean up. I didn’t care how late it was-I was going to have a nice, long, hot shower.


It turned out that the water was lukewarm today, and Dani came pounding on the door after I’d only been in there for about ten minutes. I closed my eyes and turned off the water. “…yes?”

“Mavi, it’s 1030, you’ve missed breakfast, and we’re going to be at Nodnol in twenty minutes. You have five to be in the cockpit for briefing.”

“Got it.”

Blast everything and everybody.

I protest life.


We heard a siren in the distance. I tapped my finger on the wall. “That’s the fourth one we’ve heard in the past hour.” It was a comment directed to no one in particular, but Nala still answered it.

“I wonder if that many sirens are normal for an hour in one place in the city?” She tugged at a strand of her golden hair.

Robert spoke up. “I’m sure it is. Big city planets like this are rift with crime and disease.”

Gayle rolled her eyes. “Not all big cities are horrible, Robert.”

“I’ll believe that when I visit a good city.”


I wasn’t about to head to my room, and Mari and Julie had the same idea. We found some spots in the eating area and curled up, making sure the all the lights were on before we fell asleep.

The last thing I saw before drifting off was Liam, the darn kangaroo, sneaking into the eating area and grabbing a roll before he bounded off into the blackness of the hallway.


That’s it! I’m sure glad July’s over. Seemed like it would never end. X’D

Aanndd now for my announcement. 

MY BLOG IS TWO YEARS OLD!!! *throws confetti, blows party horns, and hands out cake* 

I COMPLETELY forgot that my blogoversary was at the end of July, so I don’t really have anything planned. XD But keep an eye out this next month or so; Music, Mystery, Middle Earth, and Mitochondria will be getting a bit of a facelift-new design, new pages, and some other new things. Think it’s about time to have a makeover. XD

Now, tell me about your month! How did Camp Nano go for all you writerly types? Did you read any good books? Who else saw Spider-Man Far from Home?


Saturday, July 20, 2019

My Characters' Aesthetics in Song Lyrics

Greetings, all!

So, I wasn’t going to do a blog post today because I am exhausted from a very busy week, but I decided I should be responsible and reassure you all that I am not dead and also I guess I had nothing better to do.

I had no ideas for a blog post, however…so I’m just going to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It should also help with some character plotting that I should be doing but have been putting off.

I present to you, Mem’s characters in song aesthetics! 

I have no idea what I have gotten myself into.

Mavi Ken from The Ship’s Log

keep on fighting\out of the dark\into the light\it’s not over\hope is rising\never give in\never give up\it’s not over\yet

It’s Not Over Yet by For King and Country

this pain is just too real\there’s just too much that time cannot erase

My Immortal by Evanescence

sometimes your past can\make the ground beneath you feel like quicksand\you don’t have to worry\you reach for my hand\yeah I know you’re gonna to be okay\you’re gonna be okay\and even if you’re scared\you’re stronger than you know

Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling and Andrew McMahon

Elani from Of Seas, Silver, and Shipmates 

when you feel my heat\look into my eyes\it’s where my demons hide\it’s where my demons hide

Demons by Imagine Dragons

late at night I wonder why\sometimes I wonder why\sometimes I’m so tired\I don’t even try\seems everything around me fails\but I hold on to the promise\that there is a reason

There is a Reason by Caedmon’s Call

you are a warrior\strength and courage lies within your heart\daughter can’t you see your power never fades

Warrior Daughter by Wildwood Kin

Ian from Mission: Metal 

we get a little restless from the searching\get a little worn down in between\like a bull chasing the matador\is the man left to his own schemes\everybody needs someone beside ‘em\shining like a lighthouse from the sea\brother let me be your shelter\never leave you all alone\I can be the one you call\when you’re low\brother let me be your fortress\when the night winds are driving on\be the one to light the day\bring you home

Brother by NeedtoBreathe

and while you’re doing fine\there’s some people and I\who have a really hard time getting through this life\so excuse us while we sing to the sky

Screen by Twenty One Pilots

you say there’s so much you don’t know\you need to go and find yourself\you say you’d rather be alone\cause you think you won’t find it tied to someone else\ooh, who said it’s true\that the growing only happens on your own\they don’t know me and you\I don’t think you have to leave\if to change is what you need\you can change right next to me\when you’re high I’ll take the lows\you can ebb and I can flow\and we’ll take it slow\and grow as we go

Grow as We Go by Ben Platt

Necro Dirk from The Ship’s Log 

stay with me\no\you don’t need to run\stay with me\my blood

My Blood by Twenty One Pilots

I get the feeling just because\everything I touch isn’t dark enough\that this problem lies in me\a monster\a monster\I’ve turned into a monster\a monster\a monster\and it keeps getting stronger

Monster by Imagine Dragons

it’s my own desire\it’s my own remorse\help me to decide\help me make the most of freedom\and of pleasure\nothing ever lasts forever\everybody wants to rule the world

Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

Liam from Mission: Metal 

if I told you what I was\would you turn your back on me\and if I seem dangerous\would you be scared

Monster by Imagine Dragons

I saw the sun begin to dim\and felt that winter wind blow cold\a man learns who is there for him\when the glitter fades and the walls won’t hold\cause from that rubble\what remains\can only be what’s true\if all was lost\there’s more I gained\cause it led me back\to you

From Now On from the Greatest Showman

cast all my doubts\please prove me wrong\cause these demons\can be so headstrong\make my walls fall\please prove me wrong\don’t let my doubts prove true

Prove me Wrong by Caedmon’s Call

Malcolm from Defying Apples

we started with soul\now we’re chasing diamonds and gold\let’s throw ‘em into the night\they’ll say we’re crazy\that’s fine\they’ll say we’re out of our minds\well tell ‘em tell ‘em alright

Diamonds and Gold by The Gray Havens

had to have high high hopes for a living\shooting for the stars when I couldn’t make a killing\didn’t have a dime but I always had a vision\always had high high hopes\had to have high high hopes for a living\didn’t know how but I always had a feeling\I was gonna be that one in a million\always had high high hopes

High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco

everything is awesome\everything is cool when you’re part of a team\everything is awesome\when you’re living out a dream

Everything is Awesome by Tegan and Sara

Well, that was fun; and a WHOLE lot harder than I thought it would be. Apparently, the ratio of non-lyrical songs to lyrical songs that I listen to is close to 10:1, if not more than that. XD

Welp, your turn to talk!

How is Camp Nano going for you writerly types out there? Do you like any of the songs that I had in my post? What are some songs that you use a lot for stories and characters?


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