Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wrap Up June\Hello, July!

Greetings, all!
Well, this post in incredibly late. *hides* I meant to post it at the beginning of July, but here we are and it’s the 11th. At least I have a two good excuses for being late; Camp Nano and moving. Yes! We’re officially moving out of our house on Friday. Our new house should be ready to move into at the beginning of August, so until then we’re living with our grandparents. I’m so excited to move! XD


The Sound of Silence covered by Brooklyn Duo
I love the cello part in this song. It’s so amazing. 

The Call by Regina Spektor
This song gives me loads of nostalgia.  

We Stand Together by Sound Adventures
I love how the title fits in with the music of this song. Sound Adventures is a really good Epic Score artist.

Lost Boy by Ruth B
This type of music is not one I generally listen to, but I LOVE Ruth B’s voice.


Man of Steel

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

 Thor: The Dark World


Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 3

The Greatest Showman

Captain America: The First Avenger


The Door Before by N.D. Wilson

 Tales of Redwall: Outcast of Redwall by Brian Jacques

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

 Tales of Redwall: Taggerung by Brian Jacques

WARP: The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury


Homeschool Convention: My brother and I went to the teen program in the homeschool convention for our area for the first time ever. It was a lot of fun; the theme was Become Kingdom Makers, and my favorite sessions were the Music Makers sessions. We studied music and the impact music has upon people. Some of what we learned was quite terrifying. :-Z  

50s Party: Our friends had a 50s party at their house and all of my siblings and I dressed up in 50s-themed clothes. We danced to 50s music and had root beer floats. It was an awesome party. XD

Camo Stripe in Kung Fu: My brother and I are steadily moving up belts in Kung Fu. We are now Camo Red Stripes, and our next belt will put us halfway to a black belt. I have also started teaching some of the younger kid classes after my class, and that has been a lot of fun.

 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Solo in Theater: Yes, I saw two movies in the theater this month. XD I loved both of them! I know Solo got a lot of bashing by the critics, but I thought it was awesome nonetheless. And Fallen Kingdom was AMAZING, and it made both my dad and I jump in one part. Dinosaur movies are some of the best.


My writing has been sorely lacking, I’m afraid. Most of June was spent sort-of plotting for my Camp Nano novel, which I will have a post on shortly. I also wrote two poem\songs that I will be sharing as soon as they’re ready to be posted.

One Last Thing:

Two of my best friends (they are sisters) were making me a birthday present that had something to do with my earlier WIP, Mission: Metal. I couldn’t get it until I finished my story, which wasn’t until about a month after my birthday. Then they ordered it, and it just came, and I’m going to show you a picture of it because it is amazing.

Drum Roll Please.

 They took all of my cliffhangers and ending lines of chapters from Mission: Metal and put EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. on this mug. It is so amazing to have a mug that has my story on it. I’m seriously fangirling!!! And inside of the mug I found this.

Cause every girl needs a stuffed dragon. XD

Thank you so much, IdahoReader and A.L.K.!!!

Welp, that’s all I have to say. Has anyone else been to a 50s party before? Did anyone see Solo or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in the theater? How is Camp Nano going for all the writers out there?


Friday, June 15, 2018

Those Questions You Get Asked By Distant Relatives And How To Answer Them

Greetings, all!

You know those questions that most kids get asked sometime in their life by well-meaning great-aunts, distant cousins, and the family dentist?

Yeah, mm-hm. Those questions. The ones you get tired of answering because usually the people who are asking don’t even care about the answer; they just ask out of politeness or because they don’t know what else to talk about with a kid.

I hate those questions. With a passion.

So, I decided to think of different answers to give when I get asked those questions, and I’m going to share a few with you. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions when I answer with these. It’s going to be priceless. XD

DISCLAIMER: Always remember to be polite, respectful, and courteous when you answer an adult; even if you’ve heard the question they are asking 100,000,000 times and are sick and tired of it.

Thank you. ;-D

Question #1: “What Grade Are You In?”

Normal Answer: “I’m in 10th grade.”

New and Improved Answer: “I don’t agree with the Government School’s system of segregating kids into different grades based on their ages. I learn at my own pace in my own time; and I think my mind is all the more fertile for it.”

(Smile, and look them in the eye!)

Question #2: “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”

Normal Answer: “A writer (or doctor, or policeman, or whatever).”

New and Improved Answer: “Most people don’t stay in one profession for their whole lives, so I’m not even going to plan my future life. Whatever God has in store for me is what’s going to happen. I could be a mom, a writer, a missionary, a nurse, an astronaut, a musician, the wife of the president, or even a super hero!”

(Throw your arms wide open to show more emphasis.)

Question #3: “Do You Have A Boyfriend?”

(First off; why do you want to know and why do you care??? I’m probably only going to see you a few other times in my whole life; maybe even never again. Geez.)

Normal Answer: “No.”

New and Improved Answer: “Nope! And I’m never going to have one. If God’s plan for me is for me to get married, then He’ll show me the right man and we’ll get married. No need for me to go searching out a man; I’d probably mess it up pretty fast anyway.”

(Nod seriously here.)

Question #4: “What’s Your Favorite School Subject?”

Normal Answer: “English, History, and Science.”

New and Improved Answer: “I’m a student of the whole World; with aspects of all different topics appealing to me. Some of my most loved topics include the study of the English language and its grammar; learning about the roots of civilization; and researching how the universe is formed.”

(You have a good start to a conversation here, unless you scared them off. :-Z)

Question #5: “Who’s Your Favorite Teacher in School?”

Normal Answer: “My mom???” (Is that an answer or another question? Make up your mind, people.)

New and Improved Answer: “Hmm, let me think. Plato and Aristotle are great philosophers, but quite a few of their concepts are not Biblical. I enjoy Paul’s writings; along with those of Moses and King Solomon. C.S. Lewis, now there’s one; Mere Christianity is an amazing read. I would highly recommend it. My brilliant and beautiful mother is a wonderful teacher. Oh, and we can’t forget the greatest of all; God Himself! Oh, and I’m also kind of a teacher; I taught myself quite a few things including the guitar, reading, and every one of the great battles of Middle Earth.”

(Mike drop.)

I hope you enjoyed my little rant against normal questions!

Now, take up the sword, and fight!

Down with cliché teenage responses!!!


See the source image


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wrap Up May\Hello, June!

Greetings, all!

I can’t believe it’s almost Summer!!! (At least for us up here in the North it is. XD) Spring just seemed to flit by, and overnight the weather has gotten warm and Summer thunderstorms have began to come in full force. I do love a good thunderstorm. <3

May’s Music:

My Immortal by Evanescence 
I just started listening to Evanescence’s music. My Immortal is definitely my favourite of their songs.

We Will Not Go Quietly by Epic Score
Epic Score’s music is super inspiring. The title of this one grabbed my attention and now I can’t stop listening to it.

O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus cover by Selah 
I don’t normally go for Contemporary Christian music, but Selah’s cover of this gorgeous hymn is amazing. I would call it epic.

Star Sky by Two Steps from Hell 
This song blew me away the first time I listened to it.

May’s Movies:

Peter Rabbit

 Thor 1


 Avengers: Infinity War :’-(


The Greatest Showman <3333

Black Panther

May’s Books:

(a very sad and short list :-()

Sinner by Ted Dekker

Ember Falls by S.D. Smith

Ember Rising by S.D. Smith

The Last Archer by S.D. Smith

Jungle Doctor’s Crooked Dealings by Paul White

May’s Events:

Seeing Avengers: Infinity War in the Theater: THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING. ‘Nuff said. XD I am so glad I saw it in the theater. (Even though in order to go I had to pay for my mom’s ticket too…)

Unexpected Party for Kendra Lynne: Kendra Lynne's mom threw her an Unexpected Party and my brother and I were asked to come in as Balin and Dwalin. Since I was Dwalin, I came in first, and the expression on Kendra’s face when she opened the door was priceless. XD It was so much fun to surprise her and I think it totally made her birthday. (Also, raiding someone’s pantry is a lot of fun.) Here is a picture of the Dwarvish “tattoos” that my mom sharpied on my hands. 
Track Meet: I AM NOW DONE WITH TRACK. HALLELUJAH. I didn’t do too bad in my race for having allergies while I was running; I came in third out of ten (which is good considering that almost everyone who was running had been doing Track longer than I). Now I have a white ribbon to add to my very small collection of ribbons. XD

Earning Camo Belt in Kung Fu: My brother and I completed our belt test for the Camo belt!!! Pretty soon we will be a Green belt, which is half-way to a Black belt. I’m excited!!!

FINISHING MATH: YES. I AM DONE WITH MATH FOREVER. I actually don’t mind Math, but I am glad for the time being that I am done with book work for it. :-D

May Writing:

I finished my WIP Mission: Metal! It’s roughly about 13,860 words so I think it would count as a novella. Now I am going to rewrite it and expand it a bit.

Welp, that was my month. How was yours? Finishing up school soon? Did you read any good books? Who else has seen Infinity War? (No spoilers in the comments please; I know there are people here who haven’t seen it yet. XD)

I hope you all have an amazing June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, May 18, 2018

I Finished My WIP!!!

Greetings, all!

I am pleased to announce that I have officially finished my WIP, Mission: Metal!!! I’m so excited! It’s the first long story that I have ever finished. In celebration, I wanted to share some snippets, collages, and some songs that I wrote this story to with you all.



Shae smiled at the bright orange color of Archer’s message. Normally she hated the color orange, but Archer had set her comdev to show the brightest colors whenever he sent her a message. Everyone else got the darker colors; blue, green, or black. Now she was beginning to think of Archer in correlation to bright colors.


Ian nodded. “What can I do?”

“Want to help me with the big gun?” Archer asked, with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

Ian stared in disbelief. “Seriously?” He had wanted to help with the cannon ever since he had first set eyes on it, years ago. Archer had never let him. Until now.

Archer nodded. “Sure; I do need an assistant.”

Ian got up and saluted. “Yes sir!” Turning to go, he ran into Liam the scout. Liam grabbed Ian to steady him.

“Whoa there, son. Watch where you’re going,” he said, letting go of Ian and nodding at Archer.

Ian’s face turned red. “Sorry-sorry, sir. Yes-yes sir!” He turned and ran off again, this time more careful to watch where he was going.

Liam chuckled. “Kids.”


Shae could see Ian’s eyes now; instead of the bright golden color they had been before they were now a dark hazel, haunted and frightened.


They sat there together, a broken family; and yet they were somehow stronger than before.


Shae gripped her Glock.

                The men rounded the corner, guns held at the ready.

                Shae grabbed the metal bar, flipped herself up, and pressed the top button of a detonator.

                The hall was a cold gray one moment; the next was it was a bright red and gold.


This one is for a character that doesn’t actually show up in the book; Dojan, and it’s about his backstory. 
 This is for my awesome character Liam.
 This one is for my main character, Shae.


Well, that’s a little taste of my story. I still can’t believe it’s over! I’ve been working on it for almost an entire year now.

What do you guys think of the snippets and collages? How are your WIPs going?


Friday, May 11, 2018

Wrap Up April\Hello, May!

Greetings, all!

My apologies for this post being so late! The last couple of month-wrap-up posts were actually on time, but not April’s. Darn it. :-Z I don’t have a ton to share about this past month, so this post should be pretty short. :-)

April’s Songs:

Heathens by Twenty-One Pilots
I’ve been enjoying Twenty-One Pilots’ music of late. Heathens is probably my favorite by them.

Pyrates Beware by Brian Tyler
This my favorite Assassin’s Creed song right now. I love the pirate aspect of it mixed with the signature strings of the Assassin’s themes.

It’s Not Over Yet by For King and Country
This song is really inspiring. I enjoy For King and Country’s music. 

April’s Movies:

The Iron Giant

Mom’s Night Out

Sherlock: A Study in Pink


Captain America: The Winter Soldier


The Dark is Rising: The Seeker

April’s Books:

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Young Unicorns by Madeline L’Engle

April’s Events

Packing Up Our House to Move: We are moving, or at least trying to. Most of this month was spent doing yard work, housework, and packing to prepare for putting our house on the market. That is the reason for my absence from blogging and writing (sorry ‘bout that; it was kind of an unexpected hiatus). Now that our house is on the market, I have a little more time for computer work. :-D We could use a lot of prayer, however; for our house to sell, as we just found a ton of mold in the attic from a leak in the roof and we don’t really have the money to fix it. Prayers would be muchly appreciated. :-)

My B-Day and Party: My 16th b-day was on April 25th, and it was an awesome day. We had pizza and lemonade and watched movies (SHERLOCK <333) and I got two LEGO minifigures from my little siblings as gifts. <3 Since I was turning 16, I got to have a birthday party and have a bunch of my girlfriends over. It was Scottish themed, and we had archery, caber toss, tug-of-war, Scottish dancing, and ate haggis (which is actually pretty good). It was so much fun.

Annual Garage Sale: Every year we have a huge garage sale with a bunch of families from our church. It’s always a ton of fun. We get to spend the whole day with friends, hold up signs on the corners of the street, and this year we all walked down to a store and bought ice-cream (and mine may or may not have fallen off the cone…10 second rule XP). 

April’s Writing:

N\A for good reason. I was packing, fixing up our house, doing track, and trying to finish school. :-P

Well, that was my super busy but somehow pretty uneventful month. How was your past month? Read any good books? Are you excited for Summer? Did anyone else do a garage sale this Spring?


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