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A Long Expected Birthday...

My dear People! My dear Bagginses and Boffins, and my dear writers and artists, and OYANers, and bloggers, and Burrowses, and Camp Nanoers, and nerds, Bracegirdles, friends, musicians, and Proudfoots. Proudfeet! Proudfoots. Also my good Sackville-Bagginses…today is my 17 th birthday! 

Camp Nano Update\\Feat. SPRING PHOTOS!!!

Greetings, all!

Liebster Award

Greetings, all! I got tagged for this Liebster Award by Elijah K ! Rules (unfortunately there are some of these): - Acknowledge the blogger(s) who nominated you for this award. (thank you, Elijah!) - Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you. - Give 11 random facts about yourself. - Nominate 11 blogs and notify them. - Give them 11 questions to answer. Questions from Elijah: What famous person do you most look like?        Margot Robbie was the one my mom said looked most like me. What song is your life's soundtrack? If your life was a documentary, who would you have narrate it? Erm…well, that would be awkward to say the least…XD I guess maybe Benedict Cumberbatch. ‘cause I like his voice.  Tell the story of how you conquered/were defeated by your childhood fear. …I didn’t have a childhood fear… Who is your second favorite president, and why? Calvin Coolidge. And this is why.  http://www.newenglandhisto

Wrap Up March, Hello April!\UPDATE on Camp Nano

Greetings, all! It’s finally April!!! April is an exciting month for me. It hosts the first Camp Nano of the year, trees are staring to blossom, school’s starting to slow down, and it may or may not be my birthday in a few weeks…XD Let us look back at March, shall we? And then I will share an update on how Camp Nano’s going. ;-P March Music: Waving Through a Window sung by Ben Platt from the Broadway show Dear Even Hansen  Okay, wow. This song. Ben Platt has an AMAZING voice; and the lyrics to this song were so heartbreaking and yet it sounded like a happy, upbeat song. It’s officially on my list of favorites. <333 Main Titles from Logan by Marco Beltrami I LOVE this theme. The use of the guitar and stings makes for a really cool effect.  Hideaway by Grace Vanderwaal  I was so excited when Grace started releasing new music! This one is super fun; my siblings like to dance to it. :-)  Asgard from Thor: The Dark World by Brian Tyler T