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Reformation 500

Greetings, all! On this day, October 31, in the year 1517, 500 years ago; Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenburg Chapel, paving the way for other reformers such as John Calvin, John Knox, and Ulrich Zwingli. Luther Nailing the 95 Theses Martin Luther John Calvin Ulrich Zwingli  I’m so thankful that these men recovered the Gospel of Justification by Faith and courageously stood up for what they believed in. May we all have the courage to stand for what is right. Namarie!

I Get To Play Catch Up On Tags: Part Two

(Quick Announcement before I start the post: the Mission: Metal Art Competition winner will be revealed next week! If you submitted an entry, please alert me in a comment so I can make sure your on the list for my judge. Thanks!!!) So, does this picture look familiar? ;-D If not, you should check out  last weeks post to read my first set of tag catch ups. XD Here goes,  I Get To Play Catch Up On Tags Again!!! Yay!!!  Of Rising Authors Tag (I think???) Rules: No tagging back. (Darn.) Tag Four People. (Ain't doing that, sorry.) Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Ral!) 1)       What genre of books is your favorite (to read or to write)? Sci-Fi to write (I also really like Post-Apocalyptic) and Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Mystery to read. 2)       What would happen if your MC Loses? The Four Brothers will take over the U.S.B. base and kill the families that take shelter there. 3)       What would happen if a secondary character b

I Get To Play Catch Up On Tags: Part One

Well…yeah; I get to play catch up on tags today! Yay! XD And this is only part one… :-Z WIP IN PROGRESS TAG (My aesthetic for Shae Lia from Mission: Metal.) Rules: 1. Make or find an image for this tag. (I cheated on this one, sorry Ral.) 2. Answer the five questions asked. (Did that!) 3. Tag at least one other person. (Any guesses on who that'll be? ;-D) 4. Come up with five other questions. (Okie-day.) 5. Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Ral!) 6. Choose ONE of your WIP's to use in the following questions. (Mission: Metal) 7. You /may/ do Tag-me-backs. (Tag the person who tagged you.) WIP Tag 1. Describe you and your MC. Um…hi! I am Mem and I am weird, introverted, intense, quirky, love music and writing, and am a nerd. XD If I left anything out, check in my About Me page. My MC is Shae Eden Lia and she’s pretty much exactly like me. :-D (Only she’s slightly more logical.) 2. Tell us about the plot. My WIP is a dystopian novell

Hamlette's LoTR Read Along

Greetings, all! Hamlette wants to host a LoTR read-along this fall\winter on her blog, The Edge of the Precipice ! Her only stipulation is, she needs at least five people to be interested to make it worthwhile. So, I get to recruit people! XD   If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the blog post here and if you decide you want to join, leave a comment there letting her know! :-D Hope you can join us!!! Namarie!

Announcement for Mission: Metal Art Competition

Greetings, all! I just have a quick announcement for the M:M art contest. (If you did not know about that contest click  here to read all about it.) I am extending the entry date to October 21st, 2017 as my judge is leaving town tonight and I did not know about that. ;-D So if you still want to enter, just have your drawing posted on your blog or sent to me before next Saturday. ;-D Hope this makes it so all you artsies can enter if you wanted to!!! I have had two awesome entries already by  Gray Marie and  Ralraymee , so if you haven't seen those yet you should totally go check them out!!! XD Namarie! 

Wrap Up September\Hello, October!

Greetings, all! Now, I know what you're all thinking. Mem, it's already October 5th! You should have had this post out a week ago!  I know, I know! I've been too busy with school and other activities to write a post, so now that I'm sick I actually have time to blog. *realization of what I just said hits me* Darn. I have to wait till I'm sick to post?!?! Ahem, anyway...on with the post! September's Songs: See What I've Become by Zach Hemsey. This song is one of my favorites right now! It's so epic. When I listen to it, it reminds me of the X-Men or Superheroes.  Like a Dog Chasing Cars by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard from The Dark Knight. A song that makes me want to wear a black cloak and mask. Awesomeness!  Tessa by Steve Jablonsky from Transformers: Age of Extinction.   It's s-so beautiful!!! I think I'm going to cry.  September's Movies: (Disclaimer: I watched both of these movies on VidAngel