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Wrap Up January\Hello, February!

Greetings, all! (Guys, I’m actually on time with my wrap-up post. Something must be wrong with me.) It seems like January just started!!! And now it’s February!!! Where does time go? Can you believe it’s already one month into 2018? I can’t. I’m still in 2017. Probably by the time it’s almost 2019 my mind will be caught up. January’s Songs: Mad World covered by Peter Hollens So beautiful, and so sad. Wonder Woman’s Wrath by Rupert Gregson-Williams This song is amazing. I haven’t seen the movie, but I LOVE the soundtrack. Barbossa is Hungry by Hans Zimmer Mildly disturbing title, but awesome song. I love the rhythm. January’s Movies: (We watched a ton of movies this month because I had to babysit my siblings more than usual. Not that I’m complaining…) [Disclaimer: I am not recommending all of these movies; I watched some of them on a video filtering service as there was some content involved. Just F.Y.I] Spider-Man Homecoming – Loved this

An Update on Life=Braces, LotR, and a New WIP

Greetings, all! It seems like it’s been ages since I last posted! I always forget how crazy the post-holiday season is; catching up on school and sickness leave little time for blogging. Anyways, I’m back from my unexpected hiatus with a couple of updates and some exciting news: I GOT BRACES!!! Apparently, I was supposed to get them sooner (according to the orthodontist) but at least I have them now, and they already making a difference in my smile. I also got a palate expander which is making life…interesting…to say the least. I can’t talk right or eat right with the expander. I’m hoping I only have to have it in for a little while longer. Another exciting thing that happened last week was that my brother and I got to go see The Return of the King in a theater!!! There’s an old opera house near me that was turned into a movie theater where they only show classic movies such as Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, It’s a Wonderful Life (we went and saw that in December), Ho

Wrapping Up 2017: Welcoming 2018

Greetings, all! Well, everyone else is doing posts about wrapping up 2017, so I guess I’m doing one as well. ;-D I personally also had a good year, overall. I deepened my relationships with my family and friends, rediscovered my love of writing, and discovered blogging. I joined OYAN, became a Nano-er, read tons of new books, watched awesome movies, listened to great music, and became more physically fit. Not everything was perfect this year; I’ve had to work through some responsibilities and relationship problems and they were definitely not easy; I also became pretty sick around October. However; God is faithful and has helped get me through those times. I’m incredibly grateful to Him for His unfailing love. I thought I’d share some events that happened this year with you all, as well as some of my favorite movies, books, and musicians from 2017. Events that Happened in 2017: (March) Track - I started track in Spring of 2017. It’s definitely not my favorite spo