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Blog Party!!! Part One: Tag of Randomness

Greetings, my friends!

   This is a joint tag between myself, MiddleEarthMusician at Music, Mystery, Middle Earth, and Mitochondria, and Homeschooledmando at In Your Service. H.M.S. Mando and MEM, for short. During these dark times, we decided to come together (RIGHT NOW! over me) (Sorry. . . but you-all better have gotten that reference-Homeschooledmando) and make a series of blog-event-things. . . I believe it's called a blog party. (That was Homeschooledmando. XD) ANYWAY, to ease into this idea, we decided to start with a tag. So yeah. That's what this is :)

The usual.
1) Link back to us: MEM & H.M.S Mando.
2) Use the graphic. We worked hard on it (well, not we).
3) Answer the Q's. That's kind of the point of the tag.
4) Anyone is welcome to do this if you find it from either of our blogs, but otherwise pls. tag 3 people (MORE MINIONS!!!) (MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) [the evil laugh was Mem].
5) Answer the questions in random order (since this is the random tag).

   So both MEM and I submitted 5 questions and the other had to answer. So I'll put MEM or H.M.S. next to the questions so you can tell you asked it. Ex. What's your problem? H.M.S. So that means I asked it and MEM is responding. (I don't know what my problem is, I'm sorry-Mem. XD) (It's totally cool, MEM <3 H.M.S. Mando)

OKAY! Onward!

1) Would you rather be a phoenix or a gryphon? Asked by MEM

   I guess a phoenix. Simply 'cause I always think they are on fire (even though they're probably not, I don't know why I think that) but I'd like to be able to light people on fire.

2) Coke or Pepsi? You better say Coke. . . Asked by H.M.S.
   Um I don't recall every actually tasting I'll go with coke...XD 

3) What's your third favorite color? MEM
   UHHHHHH, I don't know, people only ask for my favorite! (Which is rainbow by the way) Pink, I guess.

4) Pick a super power: 1) The ability to change the way your breath smells to any smell you like or 2) the ability to change your voice to sound like Taylor Swift whenever you want. H.M.S.
   The breath one, I guess? Taylor Swift doesn't have my /favorite/ singing voice, although she's really talented. XD

5) How many orange books do you own? MEM
      2.  Firefight and my old algebra book, HAHAHAHA.

6) Someone has just offered to fly you anywhere in the world for an all-expenses-paid, month-long vacation. Where to?! H.M.S.

7) What are you wearing right now? MEM
   A blue, tie-dye Old Navy shirt; Bermuda-style, jean shorts; a watch, a white headband, glasses, and normally socks, but I'm hot right now.

8) How many states have you been in? H.M.S. X"D Not terribly many, tbh-mostly ones in the western or northern parts of the U.S.

9) Would you rather be able to balance grapes on your nose or catch them in your mouth when you throw them up in the air? MEM
   On my nose, 'cause everyone can catch 'em in their mouth except me.

10) Breakfast, normal, or dessert pizza? H.M.S.
   Normal and dessert for me!

Anyways, that's all we got for you today!!! Let us know if you plan to do our tag-we'd love to come and stalk read your blog!!! XD 

   Both of us posted this on our blogs and the versions vary a bit so please go check out Homeschooledmando's!

Tune in next week for part 2 of our random blog party!!! It'll be something epic...

Don't just clean it. . . OxiClean it!   -H.M.S. Mando



  1. LOOKS AMAZING!!! We did it yayayayay! Good job, blogging partner $)

    1. IT DOESSS!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! XD Good job to you too!!!

  2. This was so cool! :) Being able to make your voice sound like Taylor Swift on command would be interesting...*nods head*

    1. Ahh yay!!! :D Ikr??? X"D Thanks for reading, Quinley!!! <33

  3. This looks fun. Maybe I'll do it one day when I'm bored this month XD

    1. Ooh that would be epic!!! X"D Thanks for reading!!! <33

  4. Loved those questions!! Great job!! Those Psych gifs though!! ;) Such a great show!

    1. Omw, thank you!!! YES Psych forever. X"D Thanks for reading!!! <33


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