Of Rising Authors Tag (Again. Geez.)

Greetings, all!

I got tagged again! Thanks, Ral. *begins evil plotting for revenge…* ;-) 

Rules:  Nil.

NO RULES I LOVE NO RULES (well in tags not in every day life) okay, let’s write.

1. What's a strange thing you do while writing?

Um…well…sometimes I eat lunch while I write. Don’t know if that counts as strange or not…:-Z

2. Any funny writing stories? If so, please share.

I’m new at this whole writing regularly thing, so, nope. I will let you know if I ever do, though.

3.  What's one of the worst things you've written? Please share

When I was little, I wrote about a group of siblings that solve a mystery about a will in their attic. It was called The Mystery of the Missing Will. It was quite terrible, as I go back and look at it. Geez.

4.  If you could meet /any/ one of your OC's which one would you meet and why? (Double question: P)

Double question! Um, probably Liam from my Mission: Metal because he could teach me so much about weapons, tracking, warfare, tactics, and thin…


Greetings, all!
How exciting is that!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
This idea came to me last week during swim lessons, and it was SO GREAT that I decided right then and there to write a short novella about it. I can’t tell you a whole lot about it (as that would spoil it all, and you don’t want that), but I can introduce the characters and some ideas on what to expect…
So, here goes!
Malcolm Newton Greyson is a 15-year-old kid living in the fairly quiet city of Boise, Idaho. He lives in a boy’s boarding school, as his parents are no longer living. He is a genius at science, history, and math; and is a terrible artist. His MBTI is ENTP.
Dr. Aiden Jeyle is a well-known scienist living in the same city as Malcolm. He is attempting to create an invention to manipulate gravity. He is incredibly skilled in science and math, as well as an acomplished musician. He hates heights, and his personality type is INTJ.
What are you going to read about in my new WIP?
World domination. (What e…

My WIP: Mission: Metal

Greetings, all!
I have decided to write a post on my WIP: Mission: Metal.
Guess I didn’t realize how hard that would be.
Oh, well; I’ll just go ahead and write the post. I’m bored anyway (which doesn’t happen very often).
Mission: Metal is a blog story I am writing. It started out as a story about a family who saves the world from a tyrannical leader who plans on blowing up what’s left of humanity.
Ok, yeah; that’s not what it’s about now.
Now it is a complicated story about families banding together. About trust and betrayal. About memories. About gangs. About fear. About death.
I don’t really know where it’s going now. I’m sure God does.
It is the first long story that I have actually written with surprising plots and complete character lists. I’m so excited about it!!!
Anyway, here are some snippets. I am not good with choosing snippets; I either want to tell the whole story or not tell it at all. I found a few however, that I like. Enjoy!
Grumbling, Shae’s brother saved his calcul…

Something Wild: Lindsey Stirling

Greetings, all! I know I have a music video page, but this song is just so beautiful that I felt it needed it's own post. :-) ;-) This is Something Wild, by Lindsey Stirling and Andrew McMahon and it's featured in the movie Pete's Dragon. It's my new favorite song! XD  Let me know if you like it, too!
~Middle Earth Musician~ (aka MEM)

Camp Nanowrimo

Greetings, all!
I FINISHED AND WON CAMP NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s official. I am so excited! XD
Camp Nano was SO MUCH FUN. I’ve never actually been this resolute about my writing before. Earlier, it had been just something that I sat down to do every once in a while, when I felt like it. Now, I edit. I rewrite. I critique. I post my work on blogs. I even have a Pinterest board for my characters!
At Camp, I found out what WIP meant. What MC meant. I discovered deadlines, word counts, word warring (I lost, but it was still fun, Jess;), and writer’s block.
Some highlights of Camp:
~I got invited into Jane’s cabin, The Fellowship of the Keyboards.
~Sarah\Slisby and Jess broke the cabin. XD That was funny.
~Jane forbade us from RPing in the camp grounds.
~I ate Jane’s pizza and got turned into an orc (No, seriously. What did you put in that pizza, Jane?).
~Tes\Quinley and I walked the forests of Mirkwood.
~Ralraymee and I captured Captain America. How’d we do that again, Ral?
~I got nick…

The "Of Rising Authors" Tag

Greetings, all!

Yay, I'm so excited! My first tag!!! I don't quite know if I'm doing this right... XD

Thank you, Kendra Lynne, @https://talesfromanidealist.wordpress, for tagging me!

Ok, on with the post. :-P

1~ What is something that helps you write? This includes food, drinks, music, volume level, etc.

Um, well...I like silence unless I know exactly what I am going to say. Then I like loud music; preferably Lindsey Stirling or Piano Guys. ;-) I also enjoy chewing gum while I write.

2~ What is the hardest point in a story to write? (beginning, middle, near-end, end)

End for me. Definitely. I hate finishing up a story. Same with a book. :-(

3~ Have you ever been angry with someone and made them into a character in your story?

(likely a villain)

No. I'm too nice (not) :-P. My villain in my WIP is based off of me (heehee). So, actually, I guess you could say I did. Myself!!!

4~ What is the worst writing advice you’ve ever heard? How would you correct it?

Um, I actually …

Narnia's Beginning: A Poem

Greetings, all!
Here is a poem that I wrote a few years ago. I based it off of the Magician's Nephew chapter when Aslan creates all the creatures and living things that inhabit that world. I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know it the comment section what you think about my poetry style! XD

Narnia’s Beginning Based on The Magician’s Nephew, by C.S. Lewis The land without light has begun A place where not yet a tongue Has spoken. Far away, notes are dancing, Tripping, graceful, bright, like the dawn Rises o’er the black of night To chase away the shadows. Another chorus joins the first, Silvery and cold, high and tingling Like a flash, the stars appear As if an ebony curtain, thrown across the heavens Was pulled away by the icy music. Now, glorious, the music mighty Brings forth the golden sun on high Laughing for joy, it heightens And enhances the new world’s beauty, Revealing the Master. A Lion. Golden, shaggy, light, and shining Huge, warm, majestic, singing His World into exi…