Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I Get To Play Catch Up On Tags: Part One

Well…yeah; I get to play catch up on tags today! Yay! XD And this is only part one… :-Z

(My aesthetic for Shae Lia from Mission: Metal.)

1. Make or find an image for this tag. (I cheated on this one, sorry Ral.)

2. Answer the five questions asked. (Did that!)
3. Tag at least one other person. (Any guesses on who that'll be? ;-D)

4. Come up with five other questions. (Okie-day.)
5. Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Ral!)
6. Choose ONE of your WIP's to use in the following questions. (Mission: Metal)
7. You /may/ do Tag-me-backs. (Tag the person who tagged you.)


1. Describe you and your MC.

Um…hi! I am Mem and I am weird, introverted, intense, quirky, love music and writing, and am a nerd. XD If I left anything out, check in my About Me page.

My MC is Shae Eden Lia and she’s pretty much exactly like me. :-D (Only she’s slightly more logical.)

2. Tell us about the plot.

My WIP is a dystopian novella about a family fighting to protect their home and lives from a gang called the Four Brothers. It may or may not have a sequel in the works… ;-D

3. Any plot twists? (Don't tell us what they are, though.)

Yep, sure is!!! Ask any of my readers.

4. How would your story go if you were the MC?

Um…not good. Seeing as I don’t have Shae’s marital art prowess. :-Z

5. Would you rather: Be friends with the antagonist OR Be enemies with the MC?

Be enemies with the MC. Shae can be awesomely scary.

Okay, I'm going to tag Catherine and Kendra Lynne . Here are your questions!

1. What's the name of your WIP and of your MC?
2. What gave you the inspiration for your MC?
3. What genre is your WIP?
4. Is this your favorite WIP so far? If not, which one is?
5. How would your story go if you were the antagonist?

Have fun!!! ;-)

Of Rising Author's Tag (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Ral!)

Make a picture for the tag-post. (Did that.)

Tag three people. (Ain't doing that.) 

Of Rising Authors Tag

1. Who's your favorite Author?

J.R.R. Tolkien. Definitely.

2. What's your favorite book? (I know I'm mean; I'm only letting you choose one

WHY?!?! Why why why why why??? Darn.

 Well, either LoTR, or if you count that as three books, then…maybe the Hounds of the Baskerville?

3. What's your favorite writing quote?

Currently it’s this one by Benjamin Franklin.

4. What do you do when you've run out of ideas at a crucial moment?

I brainstorm with friends or I eat chocolate. Sometimes I do both.

5. What do you do when you get Writer's block?

Watch movies, read books, go outside, scour Pinterest, and make aesthetics. Sometimes I also play my violin or our piano.

6. What does writing mean for you?

It means putting all the ideas and thoughts in my head on paper for others to read, as well as to glorify God.

7. What makes you continue to write, even when things get hard?

If I don’t share these stories in my head with the world, no one else will.

8. How would you cope in your MC's toughest moments?

Not particularly well, but I could probably make it. :-Z

9. Can you give us any snippety snippets? 

Sure! *scrambles to find ones I haven’t used before* Okie, here you are!

Shae leaned over her father-in-law’s shoulder, and gasped. What was on the screen in front of her was the last thing she’d been expecting. 


“What is the plan? I’ll do all I can to help.”

Archer pulled out his comdev. “I’m sending it to you right now.”

Shae’s comdev buzzed and she pulled it out. She read the information, then looked at Archer in disbelief. “That’s your plan?”

Archer nodded. “Yep! You like it?”

Shae gave him a dirty look. “There’s a 43% chance of failure.”

Archer grinned. “Never tell me the odds!”   


No one was going to hurt his family. Not again.

So he had agreed.

The memory still sickened him.

10. What do you do when you've (finally) finished your book?

I will scream internally, then…start another one? 

Of Rising Author's Tag (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!) (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This one didn’t have rules, so, thanks Jess!!! XD

1.       What do you struggle most in your writing with?

Emotional scenes and themes (Jane I need your help!!!).

2.       What inspired you to write your WIP?

I finally remembered! It was a music video called Radioactive, performed by Lindsey Stirling and the Pentatonix. :-Z

3.       What is the theme of your WIP?

I DON’T KNOW!!! Probably betrayal and trust? Or family?

4.       Which do you enjoy more; planning out your character development or your world?

Character development. Definitely. XD

5.       Do you have a set genre that you write to?

No…but I tend towards Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Super Hero, and Modern. :-D

6.       What would be your most dreaded genre to have to write?


7.       Do you have a favorite character?

Is that a fictional character I’ve written, or one I read about?

If it’s one I’ve written…probably either Malcolm (my super hero kid in Defying Gravity which is scheduled for release somewhere around May of next year maybe?) or Ian (my protagonist’s younger brother from Mission: Metal). I also really like Arjen Lanus (my main character from my Sci-Fi novel [unnamed as of yet]).

If we’re doing fictional characters from other books or movies, Sherlock Holmes from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is one and Tauriel from The Hobbit is another.

8.       If so, why are they your favorite? (If not, why don’t you have a favorite?)

Um…well, Malcolm and Ian are my favorites because they’re young and naïve kids that are thrust into tough situations (and they’re so sweet and funny).  I like Arjen because he’s a natural leader. (I also like them because I created them. ;-P)

9.       Are you a nice writer or an evil one?

EVIL, my friend, DELICIOUSLY EVIL! *maniacal laugh* (But I kind of feel bad for it afterwards.)

10.   If you could insert yourself into any part of your WIP in the place of your MC, what would it be and why?

I would insert myself into the part when Ian is sitting in the communications room because he just needs a hug.

YAY!!! I’m DONE!!! XD If you’ve made it this far CONGRATULATIONS!!! *hands you pizza*

So, want to talk WIP? How’s yours going? Do you have a favorite of your characters? Are you an evil author or a nice one?

Namarie! (Until next tag post!!!)

P.S. If you've tagged me and I haven't got around to it yet, please let me know in case I've forgotten about that tag. I'll include it in my next catch up on tags post. Thanks!!! XD

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hamlette's LoTR Read Along

Greetings, all!

Hamlette wants to host a LoTR read-along this fall\winter on her blog, The Edge of the Precipice! Her only stipulation is, she needs at least five people to be interested to make it worthwhile.

So, I get to recruit people! XD

 If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the blog post here and if you decide you want to join, leave a comment there letting her know! :-D

Hope you can join us!!!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Announcement for Mission: Metal Art Competition

Greetings, all!
I just have a quick announcement for the M:M art contest. (If you did not know about that contest click here to read all about it.) I am extending the entry date to October 21st, 2017 as my judge is leaving town tonight and I did not know about that. ;-D So if you still want to enter, just have your drawing posted on your blog or sent to me before next Saturday. ;-D
Hope this makes it so all you artsies can enter if you wanted to!!!
I have had two awesome entries already by Gray Marie and Ralraymee, so if you haven't seen those yet you should totally go check them out!!! XD

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Wrap Up September\Hello, October!

Greetings, all!

Now, I know what you're all thinking. Mem, it's already October 5th! You should have had this post out a week ago! 
I know, I know! I've been too busy with school and other activities to write a post, so now that I'm sick I actually have time to blog. *realization of what I just said hits me* Darn. I have to wait till I'm sick to post?!?!
Ahem, anyway...on with the post!

September's Songs:
See What I've Become by Zach Hemsey.
This song is one of my favorites right now! It's so epic. When I listen to it, it reminds me of the X-Men or Superheroes. 

Like a Dog Chasing Cars by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard from The Dark Knight.
A song that makes me want to wear a black cloak and mask. Awesomeness! 

Tessa by Steve Jablonsky from Transformers: Age of Extinction.  
It's s-so beautiful!!! I think I'm going to cry. 

September's Movies:
(Disclaimer: I watched both of these movies on VidAngel [a filter system for movies], so I am not recommending them as I know there were inappropriate things in them. Just F.Y.I. ;-))

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Star Trek (2009 version) 


September Books: 
The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
I wrote a book review for Artemis Fowl on my blog Ink and Page Reviews. If you want to check it out, click here to read it. XD

September Events: 
Church Family Camp:  I had so much fun! We hadn't been on a trip for over two years. Swimming, playing music around the campfire, biking, eating tons of ice cream, it was awesome!

Starting School: I'm in 10th grade this year. A sophomore! *faints from shock* Anyway, I am doing my last year of Greek and also started One Year Adventure Novel. That has been amazing so far. :-D

LoTR Day:  I celebrated LoTR day with a photo shoot, several blog posts, and an apple pie. If you haven't read my LotR Day posts, click herehere, and here to read them. ;-D

New Pet: Meet Smaug the Greatest and Chiefest of Calamities.

Isn't he adorable?!?!?!?!?! 

Gif of the Month of September: 

How I felt most of the month. XD

Anyway, I think that's it!
Tell was your month? Did you watch any good movies or read any great books? Do you have a pet lizard? (I'm curious! XD)

P.S. How do you like my new blog design by Kendra Lynne? ;-D

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mission: Metal Competition

Greetings all!

I have a little announcement to make! I am hosting a competition. Some of you have been reading my blog story Mission: Metal (don’t worry! If you haven’t read it you can still join the competition. XD). Basically, my story is set a post-apocalyptic world and is about a family who fights to defend their home from a mysterious band of criminals.

So, about the competition: it’s an art contest for Mission: Metal (because I'm hopeless at drawing but I need pictures for my story and I know some of you guys can draw,) and there are no prizes, sorry (but if you win, you’ll get loads of virtual pizza, cookies, and lembas!!! XD). Here are the things you have to draw to enter (you only have to draw one [but you can do more if you want] ;-D):

A post-apocalyptic setting (either a building, vehicle, scene, or something like that).

A picture of Ian Eden, one of my MCs. He’s a 16-year-old kid with sandy hair and golden eyes. He’s pretty easy going and funny, but he has a sensitive sweet side and will do anything to protect his sisters.

A blast explosion scene.


You can draw using any technique or style you want (i.e. anime; black and white; pencil; digital;) that’s fine; but it has to be original. No plagiarism. :-D

You have to post your drawing on your blog and give me the link so I can come and see it!!!!! XD

You have to have your drawings posted by October 14th.

I will post the winner’s drawing on my blog and will be sure to give you the credit, don’t worry!!!

So, I will not actually be judging the drawings; my friend is giving her unbiased opinion and will be judging them based on their quality and originality (does that make sense?).

Anyway, I am SO EXCITED about hosting this!!! This is the first competition I’ve ever hosted. XD XD XD

If you want to enter, let me know in a comment! Ask if you have any questions! And please, don’t feel bad if you can’t do this. That is totally fine!!! XD 


Friday, September 22, 2017

Hobbit Day: September 22

Greetings, all!

Today is Bilbo's and Frodo's birthday, September the 22nd!

Kendra Lynne and I are going to interview each other about favorite LOTR characters, scenes, quotes, and themes; as well as share some LOTR trivia, gifs, and movie scenes!
Enjoy!!! XD

(Ahem; we apologize for any typos; it was difficult to write this post with two people and a bad internet connection on Mem's side. :-Z) 

A Little About Us:

I'm a super geeky Christian homeschooled teen. My MBTI personality type is INTJ; and I'm very unemotional and reserved.  My interests include reading, writing, movie making, listening to music, playing musical instruments, martial arts, photography, fandoms, and cake decorating. 
I've loved LOTR and The Hobbit ever since I first picked up The Hobbit at age 7 and read that classic line: "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit."
I also have two other blogs: : a book review website.
and : a blog story blog.
Hope to see you there sometime!!!

I am a quirky, unpredictable, unorganized, romantic, Christian, homeschooled Lord of the Rings fan. My personality type is INFP, and the first things you'll notice about me are that, 1; I am quiet, 2; I talk a lot when you get me going about one of the things I am most passionate about, e.g.; books, writing, Lord of the Rings, tobymac and Matthew West music, horses, and blogging. I first read The Lord of the Rings because Middle Earth Musician urged me to when I was ten, but after I had read The Hobbit and had begun The Fellowship of the Ring, I decided that the books were downright scary. But finally, after spending another year listening to Mem talk about Elves, Wizards, and these little creatures called Hobbits; I decided to give the books another shot at age 12. And surprise, surprise; I loved them and have never looked back.

Now that you know who we are, shall we begin? ;-D

Mem- So, Kendra; who is your favorite LoTR or Hobbit character? Mine are Tauriel and Gandalf.

Kendra- Oh dear... that is such a tough question... Ok, my favorite LoTR character is Samwise Gamgee (and... and... oh I wish I could list more than one! XP), and my favorite Hobbit character is hands down Kili. Although... oh dear. There I go again wanting to list a bunch. *slaps forehead and groans*

Kendra- My dear Mem; if you had to choose, who would you rather have show up at your door... one of the Uruk-Hai or Wormtongue? *gives evil laugh*
Mem- Geez, that's hard! Um...probably one of the Uruk-Hai. They're not Wormtongue. (And I could blast a Uruk-Hai with my mighty wizardry! [Okay, maybe it's not so mighty...;-D])

Mem- Okie-day, here's a question for you. Which one would you want to go on an adventure with; Merry or Pippin?

Merry and Pippin | Ranking The (B)romances In "The Lord Of The Rings" From Worst To Best

Kendra- (I would have chosen the Orc as well; I wouldn't feel bad about killing him but I couldn't bring myself to kill Wormtongue) Merry or Pippin?! Man, they would both be, well... a little annoying to go on an adventure with. I love Pippin, but I'll have to say Merry. He's got more sense.

Mem- That makes sense... but I would pick Pippin. ;-P

Kendra-Your turn, Mem! True or false: Martin Freeman was asked once to do his best impression of Gollum.

Mem- True???

Kendra- Yep! And I have proof:

Mem- Okay, here's your next question. What is your favorite LoTR or Hobbit song? Mine is I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. 

Kendra- I love In Dreams and May It Be... but I think my favorite is The Misty Mountains.

Kendra- Now, Mem, your next question: Which dwarf said; "You've done much fighting?" and if you had to be either a Wizard or an Elf, which would you choose?

Mem- Hm...I knew the answer to that but I forgot it. I think it's either Thorin or Bofur. WHY?!?! I like both Wizards and Elves!!! Um............................I think............................a Wizard. :-Z 

Mem- Alrighty Kendra; which cast member from LoTR actually met J.R.R Tolkien? (You probably know this one...)

Kendra- (Thorin! That's correct! And I knew it would be difficult for you to choose between wizards and elves, so I asked you to. XD) I actually don't know the answer to that; surprise surprise. Um... sorry; I don't know. Will you tell me?!

Mem- It was Christopher Lee; he plays Saruman. ;-)

Kendra-  THOUGHT SO!!!! Annnnd for your next question, my dear Mem... um... ooh! Who is your least favorite dwarf and favorite Orc (yes, I have a favorite Orc (the one who says "Look's like Shelob's been having a bit of fun!" and has a limp)- but what I mean by favorite is, e.g., the Orc that annoys you the least, that you find funny, who has a well-known quote, etc.)?

Mem- My least favorite dwarf is Dori. He annoys me. My favorite orc is Gothmog. He's the white orc general in RoTK. I like him mostly because he's the butt of quite a few jokes in my family. :-D

Mem- Here's your last question, Kendra!!! Which LoTR or Hobbit character would you dress up as?

Kendra- Another tough question (but those are usually the best ;). This might seem kind of weird/interesting, but I'd love to dress up as a feminine version of Kili. I think it would be so cool. But it would also be fun to dress up as Galadriel. :) 

Kendra- Ok, last one for you, Mem. Choose which characters from LotR you would want as your grandfather and uncle and aunt, and which characters from The Hobbit you would want as your two brothers, cousin, and father. XD

Mem- (That would be cool!) Oh wow, good question. Hm, I would want Gandalf as my grandfather, definitely; Faramir and Eowyn as my uncle and aunt; Kili and Fili as my brothers, Legolas as my cousin, and Bard as my father. (You didn't say a friend, but I would have Tauriel as my friend. :-D) 

Mem- Thanks for doing this with me, Kendra! It was so much fun!!! *hugs*

I hope you enjoyed reading our questions and answers!!! Talk to us in the comments! Did you do anything for Tolkien day? Do you have a favorite LoTR character? Who's your least favorite dwarf? What's your favorite LoTR or Hobbit song? 

Namarie, and many happy returns, Bilbo and Frodo!!! 




Hamlette's Tolkien Tag 2017

Greetings, all!

Today is LoTR day!!! *cue much jumping, screaming, and flailing* To celebrate, I joined Hamlette’s Hobbit party (click link here if you want to find out more) and I am going to answer the questions in her LoTR tag. Enjoy!

1.       How long have you been a Tolkien fan?

Ever since I picked up The Hobbit at age seven and read that classic line, “In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit.”

2. Has your love of Middle-earth affected your life?

Most definitely. I have learned some things about life-as well as writing tips and character development-by reading LoTR and The Hobbit. Every time I pick up a Middle Earth novel or companion book, I find more gems of wisdom just waiting to be discovered. (Not to mention I joined a fandom. That always affects my life. ;-D)

3. If you had to take the One Ring to Mordor, which character would you choose for your sole companion?

Oooh, that’s a hard one. Sam was an amazing companion for Frodo, but I think I would probably have…Aragorn? Or Gandalf.

Although…Legolas would be an excellent companion as well… ;-D

4. Which is scarier, Shelob or the Balrog?

The Balrog. Guys, he’s an incredibly powerful demon!!! Shelob is only a giant spider. ;-D

5. Which two towers do you think Tolkien was referring to in the title The Two Towers?  (i.e. Orthanc, Cirith Ungol, Minas Morgul, or Minas Tirith)

That’s a good question. I personally think it was Barad-dûr and Orthanc, although excellent arguments have been made in favor Minas Morgul and Minas Tirith.

6. Whose wardrobe would you like to have?

Tauriel’s. Without a doubt.

Guys, it’s so perfect. Feminine, pretty; but you can totally fight in it. :-D

7. What do you think an Ent Draught would taste like?

Hmm…I don’t really know what to compare it to…but I think it would taste both strong and sweet at the same time. Maybe also spicy (not like pepper spicy but spice spicy).

8. Where in Middle-earth would you like to live?

Either the Lonely Mountain or Mirkwood. Rivendell would be amazing too.

9. Do you have any Tolkien-related opinions that surprise other people?

I like the movies of the Hobbit way better than the book and I think P.J. did an amazing job at connecting The LoTR with The Hobbit. If I have any others…I forgot them. :-Z

10. List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotations from the books or movies.

*cracks knuckles* Okay, here goes! 

Soooo…let’s chat! Do you like LoTR and The Hobbit? Have you watched the Hobbit movies and did you like them? Are you doing anything for LoTR day? XD

(Btw, be sure to check back later as Kendra Lynne and I are interviewing each other in an epic LoTR day post!!!)


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