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The Greatest Showman Book Tag\\I didn't steal this tag

Greetings, all!
 I was tagged by the lovely Rachel to do this Greatest Showman book tag! :-D

Thank you for tagging me, Rachel!


The Greatest Show: A Book as Entertaining as The Circus

Hmm, I’d probably have to say any one of the Tales of Redwall series written by Brian Jacques. Those are some hilarious and epic books. <3 

A Million Dreams: A Book Set in a Fantastical World

The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander are set in a pretty fantastical world. 

Come Alive: A Book That Makes You Outrageously Happy

Blank Mastermind by Rosey Mucklestone. I love that book so much. <333

The Other Side: A Book That Changed Your Mind About Something

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Before I read that book, I was convinced I didn’t like classics, and it definitely changed my mind. XD

Never Enough: A Book That You've Re-read More Than Once

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (because no book tag is complete without a mention of one of the greatest book series of all times XD). 

This Is Me: A Book with a Character That Reminds You of Yourself

Either The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (I’m Sherlock XD) or The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (I’m Katniss XD). 

Rewrite the Stars: A Book with a Forbidden Romance

I think Veiled Rose and Moonblood by Anne Elizabeth Stengle could fall under this category…it’s been a while since I’ve read those books. I need to re-read them. XD

Tightrope: A Book with an Adventurous Main Character

So…like every book on my shelf except for The Hobbit??? :-D We’ll pick The Phoenix and the Carpet by E. Nesbitt.   

From Now On: A Book with a Wonderful Family (related or otherwise)

I would say Little Women by Louisa May Alcott…only I haven’t actually read that yet…so instead I’ll say the 100 Cupboards series by N.D. Wilson. 

And that’s the end of the tag! I shall now proceed to tag anyone who’s seen the Greatest Showman and who likes to read. You’re it! XD

Now your turn to talk! What’s a book you’ve re-read more than once? Have you read any books with a wonderful family (related or otherwise)? How’s February treating you all?


P.S. I have replied back to all the comments that were posted on the last few blog posts. My apologies on how long it took. :-)


  1. These are all amazing books! Redwall is fabulous. :)

  2. You would be Sherlock? THAT IS GREAT. Sorry, I just had to say that.

    Unpopular opinion: I have never seen the Greatest Showman, and . . . really don’t plan on it. *shrugs* It doesn’t really seem my thing. But this was fun to read!

    1. XD YES I KNOW!!! XD

      OH well; everyone's tastes are different. XD Thanks!!!

  3. A tag about books AND The Greatest Showman?? Two of my favourite things combined?? Am I dreaming? �� I’m going to have to steal this... �� Anyway I enjoyed reading your answers!

    Andrea @ ( my iPad won’t let me log in ��)

    1. YES YOU MUST STEAL IT!!! XD Thanks!!!

      (Don't you hate it when that happens??? :-Z)

  4. Glad you enjoyed the tag! Also, you should totally read Little Women. It's one of my favorites. :)

    1. Yes I did!!! Thanks again!
      I probably will someday. XD

  5. I loved reading your answers,
    and I haven't read Little Woman yet either, at least not the full version but I am not sure I want to, all the characters talk about is romance, and some other stuff. But 100 cupboards sounds interesting from what I've heard of it.
    And yes Lord of the Rings is awesome. :D


    1. Thanks Quinley! Yes; that's why I haven't read it yet...XD You should totally read 100 Cupboards; I think you'd really like them.
      Oh, yes; it is. ;-D

  6. Ah yes! All of those books are great!


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