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Reformation 500

Greetings, all!
On this day, October 31, in the year 1517, 500 years ago; Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenburg Chapel, paving the way for other reformers such as John Calvin, John Knox, and Ulrich Zwingli.
Luther Nailing the 95 Theses
Martin Luther
John Calvin

Ulrich Zwingli 

I’m so thankful that these men recovered the Gospel of Justification by Faith and courageously stood up for what they believed in.

May we all have the courage to stand for what is right.



  1. I'm thankful too!
    "May we all have the courage to stand for what is right."
    ^^^ Yes, amen.

  2. Yay!!! I'm not the only person celebrating 500 years! (So I know I'm not the only person /celebrating/ it, I just didn't expect to see a blog post!)

    1. Haha, yes; I wasn't going to post one at first, but then I changed my mind. It's awesome that it's been 500 years!!! XD

  3. Awesome post, MEM!:) We should always stand for what is right.

  4. I didn't expect a post on this; cool!
    That last line in this post... YES. Its perfect. <3


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