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I Get To Play Catch Up On Tags: Part One

Well…yeah; I get to play catch up on tags today! Yay! XD And this is only part one… :-Z

(My aesthetic for Shae Lia from Mission: Metal.)

1. Make or find an image for this tag. (I cheated on this one, sorry Ral.)

2. Answer the five questions asked. (Did that!)
3. Tag at least one other person. (Any guesses on who that'll be? ;-D)

4. Come up with five other questions. (Okie-day.)
5. Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Ral!)
6. Choose ONE of your WIP's to use in the following questions. (Mission: Metal)
7. You /may/ do Tag-me-backs. (Tag the person who tagged you.)


1. Describe you and your MC.

Um…hi! I am Mem and I am weird, introverted, intense, quirky, love music and writing, and am a nerd. XD If I left anything out, check in my About Me page.

My MC is Shae Eden Lia and she’s pretty much exactly like me. :-D (Only she’s slightly more logical.)

2. Tell us about the plot.

My WIP is a dystopian novella about a family fighting to protect their home and lives from a gang called the Four Brothers. It may or may not have a sequel in the works… ;-D

3. Any plot twists? (Don't tell us what they are, though.)

Yep, sure is!!! Ask any of my readers.

4. How would your story go if you were the MC?

Um…not good. Seeing as I don’t have Shae’s marital art prowess. :-Z

5. Would you rather: Be friends with the antagonist OR Be enemies with the MC?

Be enemies with the MC. Shae can be awesomely scary.

Okay, I'm going to tag Catherine and Kendra Lynne . Here are your questions!

1. What's the name of your WIP and of your MC?
2. What gave you the inspiration for your MC?
3. What genre is your WIP?
4. Is this your favorite WIP so far? If not, which one is?
5. How would your story go if you were the antagonist?

Have fun!!! ;-)

Of Rising Author's Tag (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Ral!)

Make a picture for the tag-post. (Did that.)

Tag three people. (Ain't doing that.) 

Of Rising Authors Tag

1. Who's your favorite Author?

J.R.R. Tolkien. Definitely.

2. What's your favorite book? (I know I'm mean; I'm only letting you choose one

WHY?!?! Why why why why why??? Darn.

 Well, either LoTR, or if you count that as three books, then…maybe the Hounds of the Baskerville?

3. What's your favorite writing quote?

Currently it’s this one by Benjamin Franklin.

4. What do you do when you've run out of ideas at a crucial moment?

I brainstorm with friends or I eat chocolate. Sometimes I do both.

5. What do you do when you get Writer's block?

Watch movies, read books, go outside, scour Pinterest, and make aesthetics. Sometimes I also play my violin or our piano.

6. What does writing mean for you?

It means putting all the ideas and thoughts in my head on paper for others to read, as well as to glorify God.

7. What makes you continue to write, even when things get hard?

If I don’t share these stories in my head with the world, no one else will.

8. How would you cope in your MC's toughest moments?

Not particularly well, but I could probably make it. :-Z

9. Can you give us any snippety snippets? 

Sure! *scrambles to find ones I haven’t used before* Okie, here you are!

Shae leaned over her father-in-law’s shoulder, and gasped. What was on the screen in front of her was the last thing she’d been expecting. 


“What is the plan? I’ll do all I can to help.”

Archer pulled out his comdev. “I’m sending it to you right now.”

Shae’s comdev buzzed and she pulled it out. She read the information, then looked at Archer in disbelief. “That’s your plan?”

Archer nodded. “Yep! You like it?”

Shae gave him a dirty look. “There’s a 43% chance of failure.”

Archer grinned. “Never tell me the odds!”   


No one was going to hurt his family. Not again.

So he had agreed.

The memory still sickened him.

10. What do you do when you've (finally) finished your book?

I will scream internally, then…start another one? 

Of Rising Author's Tag (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!) (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This one didn’t have rules, so, thanks Jess!!! XD

1.       What do you struggle most in your writing with?

Emotional scenes and themes (Jane I need your help!!!).

2.       What inspired you to write your WIP?

I finally remembered! It was a music video called Radioactive, performed by Lindsey Stirling and the Pentatonix. :-Z

3.       What is the theme of your WIP?

I DON’T KNOW!!! Probably betrayal and trust? Or family?

4.       Which do you enjoy more; planning out your character development or your world?

Character development. Definitely. XD

5.       Do you have a set genre that you write to?

No…but I tend towards Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Super Hero, and Modern. :-D

6.       What would be your most dreaded genre to have to write?


7.       Do you have a favorite character?

Is that a fictional character I’ve written, or one I read about?

If it’s one I’ve written…probably either Malcolm (my super hero kid in Defying Gravity which is scheduled for release somewhere around May of next year maybe?) or Ian (my protagonist’s younger brother from Mission: Metal). I also really like Arjen Lanus (my main character from my Sci-Fi novel [unnamed as of yet]).

If we’re doing fictional characters from other books or movies, Sherlock Holmes from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is one and Tauriel from The Hobbit is another.

8.       If so, why are they your favorite? (If not, why don’t you have a favorite?)

Um…well, Malcolm and Ian are my favorites because they’re young and naïve kids that are thrust into tough situations (and they’re so sweet and funny).  I like Arjen because he’s a natural leader. (I also like them because I created them. ;-P)

9.       Are you a nice writer or an evil one?

EVIL, my friend, DELICIOUSLY EVIL! *maniacal laugh* (But I kind of feel bad for it afterwards.)

10.   If you could insert yourself into any part of your WIP in the place of your MC, what would it be and why?

I would insert myself into the part when Ian is sitting in the communications room because he just needs a hug.

YAY!!! I’m DONE!!! XD If you’ve made it this far CONGRATULATIONS!!! *hands you pizza*

So, want to talk WIP? How’s yours going? Do you have a favorite of your characters? Are you an evil author or a nice one?

Namarie! (Until next tag post!!!)

P.S. If you've tagged me and I haven't got around to it yet, please let me know in case I've forgotten about that tag. I'll include it in my next catch up on tags post. Thanks!!! XD


  1. This was very enjoyable!!
    Emotional scenes are the EASIEST for me to write. I actually have a hard time with action scenes. :-L
    Ian certainly does need a hug in that scene. <3 :)

    1. Yay! XD
      Maybe we should give each other tips? :-Z :-D
      YES he does!!! :-( :-)

  2. Yaay! *Tackle hugs you* Ian's my favourite too! :D

    My WIP's going pretty well, other than that I still have NO idea who one of the Main Characters is. My Favourite is either Antara or Blaze (Blaze because he's fun to write.. You'll see why) and I'm an evil Author :D

    1. He's pretty awesome, I think! *tackle hugs back*
      That's great about your WIP going pretty well. XD (I can't wait to hear about him!) I'm an evil author too. ;-D

  3. haha, loved reading your answers, MEM. Thanks for the tag on the first one!
    (What's it's name? I missed it)


    1. Thanks, Catherine! XD You're welcome; it's called the WIP Tag. :-D

  4. Awesome job on the tags!:) (I still have a lot of tags I need to do!:))
    I loved reading your snippet, and your collage is awesome.

    1. Thank you!!! (Ikr??? They just keep piling up! :-Z)
      Aw, thanks! I had fun making that collage. XD

  5. Sweeeet. It was really cool to read all your answers here. :D

    And yeet we will have to have some talks about theme sometime maybe. *nodnod*

    1. Thank you!!! XD
      *nods frantically* YES!!! I need some serious help. *faints from exhaustion from trying to find themes* ;-D


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