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Greetings, all!

As you all probably know from the title and picture of this post;
It was AWESOME!!! *screams*
I had heard that they were coming to my state for a while, so I asked my dad to look up their concert location and date, and wonder of wonders, IT WAS IN MY HOMETOWN ON A SATURDAY!!! Sooooooooo, of course I had to go. They are my favorite music group OF ALL TIME! XD
The concert was outside in my town's amphitheater. Here are a few pictures (I apologize for the quality of the pictures; my dad was taking them with his phone and the lighting wasn't great).

The tickets were forty dollars, which is kind of an ouch if you have to pay for it out of your pocket money (like me), but it was SO WORTH IT. There is nothing quite like listening to live music. No MP3s or CDs quite give you the full effect. Some of the songs that they played were:

Fight Song\Amazing Grace (the video's quality isn't great...sorry! :-Z);


Ants Marching\Ode to Joy;

I Want You Bach;

Beethoven's Five Secrets; 

Let it Go,
Batman Evolution, 
and I forgot what this song was. :-D

Anyway...they were awesome, funny, and the music was beautiful. Definitely a memory I will treasure. 
Thanks Dad for taking me!!! XD 

Have you ever been to a concert?
Do you like the Piano Guys?
Talk to me!!! XD


  1. Congrats, Middle Earth Musician! It's awesome that you got to see the Piano Guys in person!:)

  2. That's so great! I'm glad you got to go!

  3. Wow, you changed your blog design! I like your new header!

    And $40 per ticket for a big concert like that isn't too bad, if you think about it. Especially since it's a once in a lifetime concert. So cool!


    1. Thank you! Kendra Lynne made it for me. :-D
      Yeah...but I don't have a job, sooo...I had to save up for a while. :-Z But YES; definitely a once in a lifetime experience! XD

  4. THAT IS SO AWESOME! *squeals* I'm so happy for you!!!!!!! I love the Piano Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    1. Aw, thank you! SO DO I!!! (If you haven't noticed. XD)

  5. WHOA OH MY WORD THAT IS SOO SO EPIC. *screams* That would be so cooooool. *flails excitedly*

  6. Oooh that's so cool! Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much :D

  7. I love the Piano Guys! But I've never been to one of their concerts, because like you said, it's expensive. I'm glad you had a good time, though.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! XD They're pretty awesome. Nice to see you here! :-D

  8. Wow! That's awesome! I've been to a show (like a tour show..) Before for someone.. Oh! And I saw a dancing show in floriade one year, that was fun. But I don't think I've been to a concert. :D

    1. A dancing show would be neat! ;-D
      It was so awesome!!! XD

  9. *screams* THE PIANO GUYS!!! They were coming to our city too but just couldn't afford to do the forty dollars since everyone in my family wanted to go...and my mom was a bit scared about concerts in general since it was the city...

    But GOOD FOR YOU! <333

    1. Oh, yeah; concerts in the city could be a bit disturbing...:-Z
      I'm sorry you couldn't go, but maybe someday? :-D
      Thank you!!! XD


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