Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My WIP: Mission: Metal

Greetings, all!

I have decided to write a post on my WIP: Mission: Metal.

Guess I didn’t realize how hard that would be.

Oh, well; I’ll just go ahead and write the post. I’m bored anyway (which doesn’t happen very often).

Mission: Metal is a blog story I am writing. It started out as a story about a family who saves the world from a tyrannical leader who plans on blowing up what’s left of humanity.

Ok, yeah; that’s not what it’s about now.

Now it is a complicated story about families banding together. About trust and betrayal. About memories. About gangs. About fear. About death.

I don’t really know where it’s going now. I’m sure God does.

It is the first long story that I have actually written with surprising plots and complete character lists. I’m so excited about it!!!

Anyway, here are some snippets. I am not good with choosing snippets; I either want to tell the whole story or not tell it at all. I found a few however, that I like. Enjoy!


Grumbling, Shae’s brother saved his calculations on the computer and closed it down. Grabbing a harness from the storage rack, he walked off, still muttering under his breath. From the occasional word his amused relatives caught, it sounded like dire threats against double-dealing weapons experts who marry sisters and train them to beat their own brothers.


Her mind flew back four years, remembering. Fire. It had all started out with fire. Then smoke. And ash. Blood. So much blood. And death. Her mother’s eyes closing in defeat. Her father’s hands growing cold. Two graves. Little Shayla screaming in fear and anguish…


Kaya pulled at Liam’s tunic. “Actually, I found the piece of glass.”

Liam patted her head. “Quite right; I forgot. My apologies, Miss.”

Kaya smiled, proud that her assistance had been acknowledged.


Archer turned back to his comdev’s screen. “Father, can you get everyone to safety without us to help?”

                Avi lifted his chin. “We’re not going anywhere, son. Our families are as safe as they can be. We will defend our home. Rerouting all defenses now. Where are they coming in?”

                Archer looked back at Liam’s message. “Um, the sewage systems?”

                Archer heard a snort of laughter from someone else on the line. He wasn’t sure who. 

“It’s not funny. It’s true.”


The hall was a cold gray one moment; the next was it was a bright red and gold.


Closing her eyes, she focused on nothing but the feel of the weapon in her hand. “Remember what Elayne taught you,” she said to herself. Twirling the weapon, she stepped out into the mass of men.

                Archer ceased firing behind her.

                She blocked out the sounds of battle and prayed silently.

                Then she struck.

                Hand rigid, hit the man closest in the midriff.

                Roundhouse kick, hit next masked figure in the face.

                Archer firing at close range.

                Duck his shots.

                Double flip.

                Land on feet.


                Shae seemed to hear Elayne’s voice in her head. She landed neatly behind the men and rolled under a table.

                She let Archer take care of the rest of the men.


That’s all you’re going to get today. Sorry.
Here is a character picture compilation I created:

I don’t know exactly who all these people are going to be yet. All the main character’s pictures are above, though.

And here’s a potential book cover I made:

Anyway, that’s it for today. If you haven’t read it yet, please go to this link: https://inkandpageblogstories.wordpress.com/ and read it!!!

Let me know what you think of my snippets and pictures in the comments below!

How’s your WIP coming along? Do you have any snippets to share?

Oh, and does anyone have a good idea for a picture for my character, Liam? I have no clues. He’s a faceless character right now.




  1. Your novel sounds and looks awesome!:) (I also love the collages you made)
    and awesome snippets.


  2. So this is what you were working on during NaNo! I didn't get much from your NaNo page and have been curious ever since. So cool!


  3. YAAAASSS. *flails and throws confetti because those snippetssss*
    "The hall was a cold gray one moment; the next was it was a bright red and gold." <-- THAT WAS THE BEST ONE. I got shivers. So much epic in one sentence. Yeet.



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