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Playlist Swap! (collab with Kendra Lynne)

Greetings, all!

Kendra Lynne @StoryFull and I decided to do a playlist swap blog post!!! We sent each other thirteen songs and then spent some time listening to each other's playlists and writing down our thoughts about each song. It was a lot of fun-Kendra and I have very different music tastes, so we got to hear music that we don't normally listen to, which is always fun. :D

Many thanks to
Megan @ A Barefoot Gal

for giving us the idea to do this post!!! :DD 

And now for the music!!! 

Love of My Life by TobyMac 

This song has a really fun beat! I don't normally listen to TobyMac, but I must say, I enjoyed this one. It reminds me of dance or skating music. As for the words, it's pretty repetitive, which isn't my favorite; but I loved the imagery! And the rap bridge was fun. :D 

Photoshop by Leanna Crawford 

Ohh I liked the message of this one! It's something that needs to be heard, especially from a Christian perspective, and I really appreciate this artist writing a song about it. Music-wise, it's not my favorite song ever, but her voice is very pleasant to listen too, and the bridge was really cool. :D 

Citizen of Heaven by Tauren Wells 

I actually liked this one a /lot/. His voice is very pleasant, and I enjoyed the rock almost-rap feel mixed with the classic CCM sound. It was very unique, and actually reminded me of one of my previous WIPs, Mission: Metal; so that was cool. XD The message was good too! I liked the line about getting caught up in the here and now-something that I need to remind myself of too often. :) 

Wilfire by Crowder  

THIS SONG WAS GOOD. The raspy voice mixed with the low lines and the high harmonies, and the hard guitar AHH I liked it. XD The message was deep too, and filled with great Biblical imagery! Plus I loved the banjo solo near the middle of the end. XP

Quarantine Life by Matthew West  

This song was great. XD I loved all the references to what we've all been going through, and the chorus and bridge were really sweet. Matthew West has a great voice too. Definitely one I'm going to add to a playlist. :D 

Drivin' Me by TobyMac 

Aww, I liked the lyrics to this song. It seemed very nostalgic to me, and I liked how calm and low-key it was, with a guitar and a simple beat-and the ending was cool. 

Song of the South by Alabama 

Ahh...not my favoritest song...seeing as this type of country isn't high on my liking list BUT I really liked the lyrics, and the chorus was good. :D Also after hearing sweet potato pie so many times I'm now hungry. X"D 

I Pray My Way Out of Trouble by Josh Turner 

 This song was really sweet. The lyrics were poignant and the music was fun. I don't /love/ Josh Turner's voice, but that's just my personal preference; he's a very talented singer. :) 

Dismissed by ZOEgirl

I really like the lead singer's voice and the harmonies! The song itself was not my favorite, nor were the lyrics-but I do like listening to all-girl groups, so it was a fun experience. :D 

Legendary by Skillet 

'Eyyy, this song was cool! I like the raspy shouting that the lead singer has, and the female harmonies were perfectly on point. The theme and lyrics of the song were really inspiring, too. Plus the beat-that was pretty complicated, I enjoyed it a lot. :D This one is going a playlist too for sure. 

New River Train by Andy Griffith 

XD I liked this song. I like the old feel and the banjos, and his voice is really cool. I'm not exactly sure what the lyrics were about, but they were fun nonetheless. XD I think this one's going on a playlist too. 

Hollow by Tori Kelly 

THIS SONG WAS GOOD. I LOVE Tori Kelly's voice, and the song was so sad but sweet-I really enjoyed it. The imagery was very unique as well and I loved all the various descriptions. :D 

The Real You by TobyMac 

Wow, this song hit deep. I don't even know what really to say about it, it was very close to home. 'XD I liked the bridge (I like bridges okay), and I really enjoyed the overlapping beats. Honestly, I'm going to have to digest this one. <\\33 

And that's all the songs Kendra sent me! Don't forget to check out her post at @StoryFull!!!

Have you listened to any of these songs? What's a song that you've been enjoying recently? And do you like banjos??? XP



  1. I LOVE JOSH TURNER'S VOICE. o.o Other than that, I'm not surprised by your reactions to the other songs. The New River Train is just a fun folk song... plus it's sung by Andy Griffith, so I like it a LOT. :D About the song Dismissed... it reminds me of someone in particular and I relate to it in a way. It kind of helps me process emotions leftover from a relationship that was... unhealthy and THANKFULLY long over. I like the beat and the old-time sound to it. :)

    This was so fun!! Thanks for doing this with me!!! :D

  2. Oh, and Love of My Life is my absolute favorite song right now. :)

  3. This is a cool post!
    Lately I've been listening to LotR songs alot.
    And yes, banjos are so fun to listen to.

  4. BANJOS ARE GREAT. But ukuleles are better. And bagpipes are even better than ukuleles.
    Country music is definitely NOT my favorite, but every once in a while I like a super country sounding song and I feel like I've betrayed myself. Most recently it was "Carried Me With You" by Brandi Carlile from the Onward's just too sweet.
    Mostly I have been listening to Twenty One Pilots of late. Particularly songs from the self-titled album and Vessel. I love "Trapdoor" even though it's unbelievably depressing. Help.
    I have listened to all the TobyMac songs on Kendra's list, but I'm unfamiliar with the others. I'm not a huge Crowder or Matthew West fan normally.

  5. I haven't listened to any of these songs, but this was fun to read! I might check some of them out, I'm always looking for new music to listen to 😄

    (Also this is Andrea from, I've now updated my blog link to -- just thought I'd let you know!)

  6. These are awesome thanks for sharing!


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