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Random Blog Party Pt. 3-ART CONTEST WINNERS!!!

Greetings, all! 

Today we are announcing the winner of the Random Blog Party Art Contest!!! 

AMAZING job to all our AWESOME participants!!! Your art all looked SO GOOD, and I was SO IMPRESSED okay. 


Kate from @Kate's Kingdom's Gwin from The Inkheart Trilogy!!!

Congrats, Kate!!! Your drawing was SO COOL and realistic and AHHH, we love it so much!!! 

(Plus, Inkheart is an epic and not well known fandom, too. XP)



Kendra Lynne from @story full's Elizabeth Bennett from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice !!! 

Congrats, Kendra!!! Your artwork was such a unique piece-we LOVED the lettering over the top and the angle of the artwork itself!!! SO pretty!!! 


Anna @Pages to Remember's sister's art piece, Marvel's Civil War Characters by B. 

CONGRATS, B!!! We LOVED your Marvel characters so much, and were so impressed by how good they all looked!!! (And Spider-Man looks AMAZING, okay. XD) 


Anna @Page's To Remember's sister's art pieces, Princess Leia from Star Wars and Jack and Katherine from Broadway's Newsies, by F!!!

CONGRATS, F!!! WE LOVED YOUR ART SO MUCH!!! (Newsies is a personal favorite of mine, and STAR WARS FOREVER!!!) 

CONGRATS, YOU GUYS!!! We had SO much fun getting your submissions, they all looked SO GOOD!!! -flailing- 

*gives all the winners pizza and cookies* *as promised* XD

CONGRATS AGAIN!!! And thank you for joining Part Three of the Random Blog Party!!! <33

(Don't forget to check out Homeschooledmando's version of the post!!! :DD) 

Nobody does chicken like KFC   -H.M.S. Mando

Namarie, mellons!!! 


  1. Congratulations everybody!! Lovely artwork!! That Emma drawing is amazing!!

    1. Thanks!! :D But it's actually Lizzy Bennett... I was mixed up when I told Mem it was from Emma. :P

  2. Just wanted to say... I was mistaken a while ago when I said that quote was from Emma; it's actually from Pride & Prejudice, and I was mixed up. So the picture is of Elizabeth Bennett. Sorry I didn't specify. My fault. :)

    Yay, thank you so much!! I'm so glad to have won that place! :D Congrats to everyone else! WOW, that picture of the fox-thing is so amazing.

    1. Fixed it!!! Absolutely no worries. <33

      Yesss!!! :DD Ikr??? <333 Thanks so much for entering!!!

  3. This is so much fun! These are some wonderful pieces of art (I really love Gwin- so adorable!) and all the different drum-rolls were most amusing. :)
    (By the way, I tagged you, if you're interested.)

    1. :DDD Yesss!!! (Omw yes it's so amazing!) Ahh thank you, thank you. -bows-
      (OOOOOOOOOH thank you so much!!! I will be sure to do that. :D)


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