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Happy New Year, my friends!

Can y’all believe that it’s 2020??? Because I know I can’t.

It was only last year that it was 2014, okay? I’m definitely still an awkward twelve-year-old who doesn’t wear any other color than black and who’s reading LotR for the umpteenth time.

Oh wait, I still am reading LotR for the umpteenth time.

Never mind.

At least I’ve graduated to wearing some grays and blues now. XP

As I thought over what I did this past year, it surprised me how little I actually did. X”D It felt like so much. Here’s a rough outline of some of the highlights of my 2019.

Trips Taken 2019: 7

·         Winter Carnival (January)

·         Oregon Coast (June)

·         OYAN Summer Workshop in Kansas (June)

·         Mountain Camping Trip (July)

·         Church Family Camp (August)

·         Yellowstone (September)

·         Shepherd’s Conference in Colorado (November)

Books Read in 2019: 81 (not counting children’s books or books I beta read for friends)

·         First Book Read in 2019: Blank Mastermind by Rosey Mucklestone

·         Last Book Read in 2019: Sherlock Holmes and the Needle’s Eye by Len Bailey

Movies Seen in the Theater in 2019: 6  

·         Captain Marvel

·         Avengers: Endgame

·         Spider-Man: Far from Home

·         Overcomer

·         Frozen 2

·         Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Music Listened to in 2019: 

Words Written in my WIPs in 2019: 55,039

WIPs and SS Written in 2019: 5

·         Of Seas, Silver, and Shipmates (Novel-Draft 3 finished)

·         The Ship’s Log (Novel-unfinished)

·         Free Hugs (SS-Draft 1 finished)

·         Zac’s Story (SS-Draft 1 finished)

·         Naughty List (SS-unfinished)

Other Big Events of 2019:

·         I earned my purple and blue belts in Kung Fu.

·         I ended my junior school year in May and started my senior school year in October.

·         I participated in the April and July Camp Nanos, won those, and then tried joining November’s Nano, but didn’t win that (actually didn’t even come remotely close, rip).

·         I got my first iPhone.

·         I got my driver’s permit.

2019 was an amazing year, tbh. There was pain, joy, tears, laughter, work, fun, growth, and discovery.
Growing up is scary, man. But it’s worth it in the end.   
Let’s have a toast to 2020, yeah? May there be much joy and growth this year. 

To 2020! 



  1. Aggghhhh I can't believe it's 2020!!! How crazy can this world get. XP

    Wow, NF was one of your top listened to artists?? I never thought I'd see the day. :D :D

    I got my driving leaners permit too! I'm currently doing DriversEd online. It's uphill work. XD

    I've seen you wear colors other than black, gray, and blue. Granted, it is extremely rare. ;)

    Free Hugs?? I've gotta read that. If it's what it sounds like. XD

    Sounds like you had a good, full year! It's been a privilege being your friend in 2019, and it will be an honor to continue to be so in 2020. :) <3

    1. SERIOUSLY!!! X'D X'D
      Yep!!! XP Ikr???
      It is, it is. -nods- X'D
      XD I keep meaning to send it to you!!! XP
      I did!!! Ahh, I feel the same. <333

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome 2019, MEM. :)
    I hope you have a happy 2020!

    1. I did!!! :D
      Thank you so much!!! I hope you do too. :) <33

  3. It's crazy that it's 2020, whoa!
    And your driver's permit!! That's so exciting, how are you enjoying it???

    1. Ikr??? :-O XD
      Yesss I am!!! It's a little scary, but fun. X'D

  4. Wow! What a year it has been! I feel like 2019 flew by really fast! Sounds like you had a busy year! 81 book is quit an achievement and getting a driver's license! Yea! for you!

    1. YES it really did!!! Yeah, I did. X'D Ah thank you so much!!! :D

  5. "Growing up is scary, man." I relate.
    Reading LOTR for the umpteenth time? Like that's something you're ever going to grow out of? I will keep reading those books until I die. ;)
    (This blog is great and I keep forgetting about it because it doesn't show up in my Wordpress reader. That shows how lazy I am. ;) )


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