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The Sunshine Blogger Award Tag!

Greetings all!

I have been tagged!!!

Many thanks to the wonderful Story Sponge for tagging me! I am very excited to answer all the lovely questions that you asked. :D

Here are the rules; unfortunately, I must follow them this time around.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. (Thank you so much Story Sponge! <3)  

2. List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post. (Done and done.)

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. (I will probably.)

4. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts. (O-o That’s a lot of bloggers to nominate. I will try my best.)

5. Ask the nominees 11 new questions. (*thumbs up*)

And here are le questions!

What is one phenomenal book that you think more people should know about?

Blank Mastermind by Rosey Mucklestone. You guys, this is an A M A Z I N G book by an A M A Z I N G girl. If you like evil masterminds, epic schemes, plot twists, dysfunctional families, guns, and ice cream-you will love this book. GO READ IT.

Who is one of your favorite fictional characters and why?

(Well, I think you all know that I love Sherlock Holmes, so we’re going to pick a different character for this question. XP)

A fictional character that I REALLY like is Puddleglum from The Silver Chair, book six of The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. I love him because he’s so morose and down-trodden and gloomy about everything, but really is the bravest of them all.

And also “Respectowiggle”. You can’t beat that. X’D  

What is a song that you really love at this moment?

OOH A MUSIC QUESTION *dives into all my Spotify playlists* Ahem, I think one of my current favorite songs is Bones by Galantis and OneRepublic. I love the sentiment of the song, and it’s so bouncy and happy sounding. I love it. <33

Another song I am loving right now is the cover of Someone You Loved by the Piano Guys. It’s so beautiful. <333

If you could acquire one real-life skill overnight, what would it be? (like the ability to perform neurosurgery or play the accordion or balance a grape on your nose for extended periods of time)

I don’t know…I kind of want to try to balance a grape on my nose for an extended period of time… XD

Um…hm…I think it would be to be able to code and hack computers honestly. Although being able to dance overnight would be awesome too…

Ooh, and to be able to ride a unicycle…

Okay I’ll stop now. XP

If you could acquire one non-real-life skill overnight, what would it be? (like the ability to breathe underwater or control objects with your mind or balance a grape on your nose for extended periods of time)

I’m sensing a pattern with the grapes here. X’D AND YES THESE KIND OF QUESTIONS ARE MY FAVORITE.

I would LOVE to be able to have the skill of Elvish bards-when they sing or tell a story their audience sees and hears the things that they’re relating to them. It would be so cool to tell a story to someone and for them to be able to experience it.

It would also be cool to turn invisible though, to be honest.

What book surprised you the most this year, and in what way? (It doesn’t have to be one that came out this year)

So on Thursday I went to the library and picked up Cinder by Marissa Myer. I’ve been putting off reading this series because I thought it was just another romance series that everyone was in to, so I wasn’t particularly excited about reading it. BUT OH MY GOODNESS WAS I WRONG. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I LOVE IT. It had a really unique story world and a surprising plot line. I love it. <33

Would you rather be a superhero or his butler?

Um, his butler. They’re only the coolest people ever. XP

What makes you laugh? (Besides reading this blog, because I already know I’m hilarious)

You are Sponge, you are. XD

Clever and witty comebacks, sarcasm, and memes.

Memes are the best, friends.

What is something that you know is silly but you love it anyway?

*looks at the pile of stuffed animals and crocheted dolls on my bed*

*innocent smile*

Ummmm…I’d have to say probably plastic toy dinosaurs and mini lego space ships. I have a couple of each, and they’re wonderful. ^-^

Which fictional character would you adopt in a heartbeat?




If money was no object, which book would you adapt either into a movie or into a Broadway musical?

A book series I really want made into a movie series is The Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson. It would be /so cool/ if they did it right. All the super powers and unique landscapes would make for a phenomenal cinematic experience, and the characters, plot, and humor put together would be amazing.

Aannd that’s a wrap!

Now I get to ask peoples and tag questions. ;-D

Kendra Lynne 
Gray Marie 
Anna Holmberg
Jane Maree (because you definitely need me to tag you again Jane XD)
Catherine (you also need another tag Catherine XP)

Here are your questions! ^-^

What is the most recent book that you finished?

If you could pick any planet in our solar system to visit (besides Earth of course XP), what would it be?

What is your favorite mythical creature?

Would you rather own the Batmobile or the Invisible Jet?

Pick a favorite literary quote.

Favorite type of tree?

What is a book that you have heard tons about but haven’t read yet?

Yoda or Gandalf.

What is a favorite instrumental song of yours?

What is an incredibly weird superpower that you would love to have (i.e. the ability to stop people from talking, the power to create instant cupcakes, the ability to talk to frogs)?

Would you like to be able to balance grapes on your nose for an extended amount of time? (I’m curious, guys.)

Hope you have fun with the questions! :-D

Now your turn to talk! Would you rather be a superhero or his butler? What is a current favorite song of yours? And most importantly…do you guys know what tomorrow is??? (Hint-it has something to do with the birthday of a certain MC and his uncle from a famous fantasy epic series that has something to do with a magical object… *winks*)



  1. Gee thanks a lot - I actually got tagged twice for this thing already!!!! But since I love you dearly, I shall add your questions to that monster post and it will come out in....*hurriedly checks mental calendar* either in October or November.

    1. Ooooooof, I is sorry friend. But eeeeeeeeeep! I can't wait to see it!!! ^-^

  2. I would definitely prefer to be a superhero's butler to being an actual superhero, all that running around and saving the world would be too much effort for me 😂 if I was a butler I could just chill out at home while the hero is out being superhero-y... Also I love those memes, the last one is a big mood 😂

  3. Very excellent! It has been a while since I participated in a tag!! :) Thanks!

    Puddleglum, though...he is honestly one of the best characters in the Narnia series! :D They really need to make a movie of The Silver Chair that does his character justice.

    Thanks again, Mem! :D

    1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Also, *facepalm* That's right; your username hath changed. I must fix that in my post. XP

      /YES/ THEY/ DO/. I LOVE HIM. <333

      You're welcome!!! Hope you enjoy the tag. ;-D

  4. The butlers are always the ones you gotta watch out for. Them be speedy buggers with shifty eyes and superhuman like abilities.

    Newt. Yes. I will help raise this child. Great post!!

    1. IKR??? XD

      YES YES YES. He needs a good family. <33 Thank you! ^-^

  5. Nice post, enjoyed it! I love memes too :D
    Thank you for the nomination, I'd love to do this in my free time :)

    1. Yayay!!! Thank you!!! XD They're so amazing.

      You're welcome!!! I can't wait to read your answers! :-D

  6. Nice post. Ooh, you've read Cinder. Cool. I thought the entire series was great. So whenever anyone asks me about my favorite fictional characters I have a 500-page list.

    1. Thank you very much! YES I DID. IT WAS AMAZING. X'D That's awesome. XD

    2. YES, IT WAS. I have about ten favorites per book/movie/tv show.

  7. Amazing questions! Thank you so much for tagging me. I love Puddleglum as well

    1. Yayay!!! You're most welcome!!! YES HE'S AMAZING. <33 XD

  8. Thank you so much for tagging me. :) I would love to have the power elven bards have too, and being a super hero's butler would be sop interesting. :)

    1. You're welcome friend! <33 Yessssss. It would so awesome. And YES Ikr??? :-D

  9. Ahhhh, you started the Lunar Chroniclesss!!

    Thank you for tagging me!! <3

    1. I didddddddddddddddddddddddd!!! :-D

      You're welcome!!! <33 Can't wait to read your answers. ;-D

  10. Awesome answers! I have always loved Puddleglum bunches and bunches. I also relate to him a lot sometimes. :)
    I just listened to "Bones" and I like the way it sounds. Definitely bouncy. And Piano Guys! Beautiful.
    Yeah, being able to turn invisible would be SO USEFUL.
    Those memes, though. Wow. That poor couch. ;)
    NEWT. My dear child.
    HAHA, you used the grape question, I am so happy. :)
    Great post!!!

    1. Thanks!!! <33 YES HE'S AMAZING!!! X'D Ooh, yay I'm glad you liked it!!! YES PG FOR THE WIN. Ikr??? It really would. XP Hehehe...yes. XD YES ANOTHER NEWT FAN. <33 I did!!! It was most amusing. X'D Thank you again!!! And thank you for tagging me!!! :-D


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