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Imagine Dragons Book Tag

Greetings, all!

A while back I was tagged by the lovely Rachel over at R’s Loft to participate in her Imagine Dragons book tag. And now that I have some free time, I shall proceed to answer the questions and tag some of you fantastic people. XP

These be the rules:

Link back to the creator. (R's Loft)

Thank the person who tagged you. (Thank you so much, Rachel!)

Answer the questions. (I shall do so.)

Tag as many or few people as you like! (As many as I like…oooh…XD.)

And here be the questions:

Gold-a book where the main character has a curse (or gift that seems like one)

Veiled Rose by Anne Elizabeth Stengl would fit this category, I believe. It’s been too long since I’ve read this book; but I’m pretty sure it fits. XD

Friction-a book you resisted reading
Redwall by Brian Jacques. Which is kind of ironic, because I now have read all 22 books in the Redwall series and love them all very much. But when my mom wanted me to read the first one back when I was younger, I did not want to read it at all. XD

Then I started it and got sucked in. Haven’t looked back yet. XP 

Monster-a book with a negative character arc
I know I’ve read a book where the main character ends up being a bad guy, but I can’t remember what it was. XD So I’m going to go with The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson; because in it we read the history of one of the characters who betrays the others in an earlier book, and how this character turned evil in the first place.

Can’t say who that person is, ‘cause spoilers. XP  

Demons-a book where the character has a secret
By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson. Haven’t actually finished this book; but so far it’s pretty cool.

Hear Me-a book you love that people don't seem to know about
Dream Thief by Stephen R. Lawhead. Fantastic book. Ya’ll need to read it. ;-P 

America-a book set in your state/country

The Stout-Hearted Seven by Neta Lohnes Frazier (granted, I haven’t actually read the book but I did listen to the audio book). This is a really good book about my area; but it is also pretty sad. :-( 

Whatever It Takes-a book where the main character won't give up despite the odds
Summer of Suspense by C.R. Hedgecock. This series is a great Christian adventure\mystery\secret agent series. I highly recommend it. :-)  

Walking the Wire-a book with a hard-won romance

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

Not gonna say any more. XP Spoilers. 

Thunder-a book that rattled you

Run Baby, Run by Nicky Cruz. Wow. This book is the autobiography of a kid who ruled one of the biggest street gangs in New York in the 20th century and of his coming to know Jesus. It’s phenomenal.

Disclaimer: this book is quite violent and graphic. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under the age of 16-17. F.Y.I. 

Boomerang-a book you keep coming back to
Blank Mastermind by Rosey Mucklestone. If ya’ll read it, you’ll know why. XD

Bad Liar-a book with an unreliable narrator

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with an unreliable narrator. Now I’m intrigued. I must go and find one. 

Digital-a book with lots of tech/computers/video games
I’d say the entire Artemis Fowl series. There’s tons of fairy tech and computers and all that fun stuff. ;-D

Now I’m going to go ahead and tag Faith, Gray Marie, and The Story Sponge. Enjoy the tag! :-D

What’s your favorite Imagine Dragons song? Have you read any of these books? And has anyone read a book with an unreliable narrator? If you have, you must tell me what that book was. XP

Have a lovely rest of your day. <33



  1. Haha, I feel like I need to listen to these Imagine Dragons songs before I can really do this tag justice. ;) I have heard of Imagine Dragons but somehow I don't actually know any of their songs...oops.
    YES to Mockingjay being a hard won romance. I haven't read it actually (I know, I'm horrible), but I have seen the movie and my mom has told me a lot of background from the book that makes everything so much more heartbreaking, so I have a pretty good idea.
    Hm, the unreliable narrator is a really cool idea. I have read some books with mildly unreliable narrators, but nothing too extreme. The King's Fifth, The Wednesday Wars, and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas kind of have unreliable narrators.
    Great post!

    1. XD Oh well. XD
      YES IT IS. I AGREE. (You should totally read the book though!!! It's really good!!!) Ooh, thanks for the recommendations!!! I am going to look those up.
      Thank you!!! Hope you enjoy the tag!

    2. Ooh, some other books with unreliable narrators are The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.
      (I am working on the tag right now! I am enjoying it, and I will be posting it next Friday! Thanks again for tagging me!)

    3. Ooh, sweet. Thanks! :-D
      (Awesome!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying it!!! You're very welcome!!! <3)

  2. You have such great answers! I'm glad you enjoyed the tag. :)

  3. Believer is my favorite song! -Jose

  4. Thanks for tagging me! And The Warden and the Wolf King has so many twists!!

    1. No problem! Hope you enjoy the tag! YES IT DOES!!! <33

  5. I've never listened to Imagine Dragons' music, but I loved reading your answers. :)


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