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Wrap Up April\Hello, May!

Greetings, all!

My apologies for this post being so late! The last couple of month-wrap-up posts were actually on time, but not April’s. Darn it. :-Z I don’t have a ton to share about this past month, so this post should be pretty short. :-)

April’s Songs:

Heathens by Twenty-One Pilots
I’ve been enjoying Twenty-One Pilots’ music of late. Heathens is probably my favorite by them.

Pyrates Beware by Brian Tyler
This my favorite Assassin’s Creed song right now. I love the pirate aspect of it mixed with the signature strings of the Assassin’s themes.

It’s Not Over Yet by For King and Country
This song is really inspiring. I enjoy For King and Country’s music. 

April’s Movies:

The Iron Giant

Mom’s Night Out

Sherlock: A Study in Pink


Captain America: The Winter Soldier


The Dark is Rising: The Seeker

April’s Books:

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Young Unicorns by Madeline L’Engle

April’s Events

Packing Up Our House to Move: We are moving, or at least trying to. Most of this month was spent doing yard work, housework, and packing to prepare for putting our house on the market. That is the reason for my absence from blogging and writing (sorry ‘bout that; it was kind of an unexpected hiatus). Now that our house is on the market, I have a little more time for computer work. :-D We could use a lot of prayer, however; for our house to sell, as we just found a ton of mold in the attic from a leak in the roof and we don’t really have the money to fix it. Prayers would be muchly appreciated. :-)

My B-Day and Party: My 16th b-day was on April 25th, and it was an awesome day. We had pizza and lemonade and watched movies (SHERLOCK <333) and I got two LEGO minifigures from my little siblings as gifts. <3 Since I was turning 16, I got to have a birthday party and have a bunch of my girlfriends over. It was Scottish themed, and we had archery, caber toss, tug-of-war, Scottish dancing, and ate haggis (which is actually pretty good). It was so much fun.

Annual Garage Sale: Every year we have a huge garage sale with a bunch of families from our church. It’s always a ton of fun. We get to spend the whole day with friends, hold up signs on the corners of the street, and this year we all walked down to a store and bought ice-cream (and mine may or may not have fallen off the cone…10 second rule XP). 

April’s Writing:

N\A for good reason. I was packing, fixing up our house, doing track, and trying to finish school. :-P

Well, that was my super busy but somehow pretty uneventful month. How was your past month? Read any good books? Are you excited for Summer? Did anyone else do a garage sale this Spring?



  1. I'll be praying for your house to sell <3 I know all about moving with problem houses...

    I'm reading Sherlock right now too!!! And sheesh, I love it so much <3

    1. Thank you, Faith! <33 It's really a pain. :-Z Yes, Sherlock is AWESOME!!! I love it too. :-D

  2. I will most definitely be praying for you, my friend. <3
    Sherlock Holmes mysteries are so amazing. Did you get that book from Costco too?? And I've been reading The Fellowship of the Ring this month too, as you already know. ;)

    1. Thank you, Kendra!!! <3
      They are!!! Nope, I got my copy from Barnes and Noble when I was 11. :-) Yep, I did!!! FotR is one of the best. <33

  3. I hope your house gets sold, MEM!:) And I am glad you are back. *Tackle hugs*

    1. Thanks, Quinley! I hope it does too. :-) Thanks! I am glad to be back. *tackle hugs back* XD

  4. Ahh I love all the music that you share every month. It's super cool. <33

    1. Yay!!! I'm glad you do. It's fun picking a different song from all the genres I listen to to share. :-D

  5. Happy (belated) birthday! I loved hearing about the birthday party (I have lots of Scottish heritage) especially :).

    1. Thank you!!! It was a super cool party. That's awesome that you have Scottish heritage too! :-D

  6. Yes M.E.M. I did do a yardsale this spring. I went down to the store and got ice cream too! One of my friends' ice cream fell off of the cone, but I told her it fell under 10 second rule. your april and my april sound a lot alike!


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