Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wrap Up October\Hello, November!

Greetings, all! 

Well...this sounds familiar; Mem is late once again with her wrap up post and must (once again) title it "Wrap Up [insert name of past month]\Hello [insert name of current month]!"
Ahem, anyway...on with the post! XD

October's Songs:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams covered by Lindsey Stirling

Come Little Children and the Hanging Tree covered by Peter Hollens
A freaky, creepy, but super pretty medley. 

Piano Battle: John Williams Vs. Hans Zimmer 
Which composer is better? You decide ('cause I can't :-Z).

October's Movies: 


(Sorry, there wasn't really a great poster for this movie. :-Z)

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Captain America: Civil War

October Books: 
Eulalia by Brian Jacques
Raiders from the Sea by Lois Walfrid Johnson
Showdown by Ted Dekker (still reading)

October Events:  
500th Anniversary of the Reformation party with my Church; awesome fun with games, bonfire, food, and a play put on by my siblings and I. :-D

Pumpkin patch with friends; perfect weather, hayrides, and a candy cannon. XP

Martial arts; my brother and I started Kung Fu lessons at the beginning of the month. We now have our second level belts (white with a yellow stripe down the middle) and are participating in the Kung Fu show on Saturday, November 11th. XD

Gif of the month of October: 

That's all for now! XD
Talk to me! How was your month? What movies did you watch? Does anyone else take Martial Art lessons? ;-D


  1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams cover by Lindsey Stirling is the best! :D

  2. I finally got to see Spiderman Homecoming this month. It was amazing, by the way. I loved that Peter Hollens cover, it was so spooky.

    1. That's awesome! I can't wait to see that movie. :-D Yes, it's a cool song. :-)

  3. I love Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Lindsey Stirling, too!:) And isn't National Treasure awesome?
    I love the first one (the second one is good too though).

    1. XD It's such a great song. Yes, it is!!! I loved both of them (though I think you're right; the first is better. :-D)

  4. Great wrap-up post, Mem! OOOOH I LOVE Peter Hollens' cover of Come little Children/The Hanging Tree!!! It IS very creepy/cool. ;) Although I like his cover of The Hanging Tree better. :)
    National Treasure 1&2 are such great movies!! My mom and I love them. I had a dream recently that my mom and I were in the Delorian (I don't know how to spell it... XP) from Back to the Future, and for some reason Nicholas Cage as Ben Gates was our chauffer of sorts. Sorry... I'm pretty random... especially since i'm in my Pippin-mood today. If you were here, you would find me just as a annoying and innocent as Pippin. And you might feel the need to call me a fool of a Took. But anyway... XD
    Haha; love the GIF! Have you seen Mulan? I have, and its not all that its sometimes cracked-up to be. :P
    Raiders from the Sea sounds cool!
    Sorry for this long comment...

    1. Thanks!!! XD YES, it's a GREAT SONG!!! (I like his hanging tree cover too. ;-D) I really liked NT. That is a super strange dream! XD I might feel the need too...;-D
      Yes, I loved it too. I have; I liked it because of the Japanese\Chinese culture and the dragon (XD), but yeah; it's not the best Disney movie. :-Z
      It's a pretty good book. :-D
      That's fine! XD

  5. Hey, it's so cool you started martial arts lessons! Are you enjoying it so far? I started karate lessons about a year ago and I love it!
    Good luck for your Kung Fu show ;)

    1. YES I AM!!! XD It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D That's so cool that you do Karate! XD Thanks! It went great; and I'll try to write a blog post about it. ;-D


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