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Mission: Metal Competition

Greetings all!

I have a little announcement to make! I am hosting a competition. Some of you have been reading my blog story Mission: Metal (don’t worry! If you haven’t read it you can still join the competition. XD). Basically, my story is set a post-apocalyptic world and is about a family who fights to defend their home from a mysterious band of criminals.

So, about the competition: it’s an art contest for Mission: Metal (because I'm hopeless at drawing but I need pictures for my story and I know some of you guys can draw,) and there are no prizes, sorry (but if you win, you’ll get loads of virtual pizza, cookies, and lembas!!! XD). Here are the things you have to draw to enter (you only have to draw one [but you can do more if you want] ;-D):

A post-apocalyptic setting (either a building, vehicle, scene, or something like that).

A picture of Ian Eden, one of my MCs. He’s a 16-year-old kid with sandy hair and golden eyes. He’s pretty easy going and funny, but he has a sensitive sweet side and will do anything to protect his sisters.

A blast explosion scene.


You can draw using any technique or style you want (i.e. anime; black and white; pencil; digital;) that’s fine; but it has to be original. No plagiarism. :-D

You have to post your drawing on your blog and give me the link so I can come and see it!!!!! XD

You have to have your drawings posted by October 14th.

I will post the winner’s drawing on my blog and will be sure to give you the credit, don’t worry!!!

So, I will not actually be judging the drawings; my friend is giving her unbiased opinion and will be judging them based on their quality and originality (does that make sense?).

Anyway, I am SO EXCITED about hosting this!!! This is the first competition I’ve ever hosted. XD XD XD

If you want to enter, let me know in a comment! Ask if you have any questions! And please, don’t feel bad if you can’t do this. That is totally fine!!! XD 



  1. I think I'm going to enter... 😁

    1. XD *jumps up and down in extreme excitement* Yay!!!

  2. Oooh! If I find the time I'll do this!!! :D

  3. Well darn. I'm not artistic beyond drawing maps. XD I'll just sit back and look at other people's art instead. XP

    1. Haha neither am I!!! I'll just sit back with you. ;-D

  4. How could I not have seen this?! Also, thanks for allowing anime style XD - It's the only style I can do XDXD

    1. I really like your anime. XD Are you going to enter? If so, can't wait to see your entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    2. I've drawn it, but I've also lost it T_T I'll have a look then post it on my blog

  5. Ooh cool! Not sure if I'll be able to enter anything in time, seeing as I have quite a few projects that I need to catch up on first... but oh well xP I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! :D

    (Also, I did see the comment you wrote directing me to this post, so thanks! Only problem was that I accidentally deleted it >-< ..'cos I was on my phone at the time annnd apparently it's irreversable... *le horrified gasp*. So yep, sorry about that!)

    1. That's totally fine! XD So am I! ;-D
      (Okie-day! Yes, I figured that out the hard way too... :-Z That's fine! :-D)

  6. Mine just went up!

  7. Sorry... I won't be able to enter. :-|


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