Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The "Of Rising Authors" Tag

Greetings, all!

Yay, I'm so excited! My first tag!!! I don't quite know if I'm doing this right... XD

Thank you, Kendra Lynne, @https://talesfromanidealist.wordpress, for tagging me!

Ok, on with the post. :-P

1~ What is something that helps you write? This includes food, drinks, music, volume level, etc.

Um, well...I like silence unless I know exactly what I am going to say. Then I like loud music; preferably Lindsey Stirling or Piano Guys. ;-) I also enjoy chewing gum while I write.

2~ What is the hardest point in a story to write? (beginning, middle, near-end, end)

End for me. Definitely. I hate finishing up a story. Same with a book. :-(

3~ Have you ever been angry with someone and made them into a character in your story?

(likely a villain)

No. I'm too nice (not) :-P. My villain in my WIP is based off of me (heehee). So, actually, I guess you could say I did. Myself!!!

4~ What is the worst writing advice you’ve ever heard? How would you correct it?

Um, I actually haven't heard a whole lot. :-Z Maybe that you need to kill off a character in every story you write? I don't think that's entirely true. Only kill a character if you think they can further the story. (I learned that from my mates at the Fellowship of the Keyboards cabin; thanks! XD)

5~ How do you deal with writer’s block?

I don't often get it; but when I do, I take a break. Watch a movie, read a book, listen to my favorite music, eat something, hang off a tree upside down...no, I'm serious. ;-) I will also attempt to compose a song for my WIP; maybe a theme song for the story or a character’s theme song.

6~ Have you ever given up on a story?

When I was eleven, I started a story about two siblings who were going to save the world from goblins. Yeah, that ended on the second chapter. Ever since, then; nope. I finish my projects. :-)

7~ Tell me some interesting things about two of your main characters in the story you’re writing for Camp NaNo.

Two interesting things…well, Shae is brilliant at many things, including math, science, history, music, and tech; but she’s TERRIBLE at direction and geography. She can never remember maps, landmarks, or even street names. She also can’t follow a map. Her husband, Archer, is OCD. Very much so. Which clashes with his personality; he’s spontaneous in almost everything else.

8~ How would you respond if you were told that your main character from your favorite story that you’ve written had come to life and would be visiting tomorrow?

My favorite story I’ve written is The Forbidden Book, and the main character from it is Private Patrik. If I was told he would visit tomorrow, I would try to learn how to speak in Hungarian, because he doesn’t speak English. XD 

9~ Who is one character from your story for Camp NaNo that you would NOT want to meet in real life?

No one has met him yet, but his name is Derik. He annoys me. :-Z

10~ What is your least favorite book genre?

Romance novels. Definitely.

11~ What writer has influenced your writing style the most?

Probably Douglas Bond or N.D. Wilson. Douglas Bond because I’ve taken lectures from him about writing, and N.D. Wilson because his books are awesome. XD

Yay, that was fun. Now I get to tag people. XD

As well as everyone else who wants to do this tag!!! XD

Here are the questions I have for you;

1.       Do you listen to music while you write?

2.       If so, what genre?

3.       What song do you think is your WIP’s theme song?

4.       Who is your MC in your current WIP?

5.        What is their deepest, darkest fear?

6.      What is your favorite scene you’ve written in your WIP?

7.       Do you enjoy writing from children’s, teen’s, or adult’s point of view?

8.       Do you prefer writing first person or third person?

9.       What writer would you say handles action scenes the best?

10.   What is the best book you’ve read on writing? Who is it by? (I know; double question.)

Have fun!! XD   

Do YOU like chewing gum while you write?




  1. You're welcome. :)
    Oh dear, did you have to tag me back?? XD (just kidding, I am so honored, haha... and your questions will be interesting to answer)
    No, I do not like chewing gum when I write because I don't like chewing gum at all!! *shivers at the ghastly thought*

    And by the way, its Lynne with an e. (like Anne with an e) XD

    1. Yes, I did. XD
      Oh, okay; sorry. I fixed it. ;-)
      Really?!?! I love gum. :-O

  2. You only forgot the 'e' once. But I just wanted everyone to be aware... ;)

  3. I chew gum occasionally while I write. I lost the habit of chewing gum when I got braces two years ago, now that I'm on retainers, I'm regaining it.

    This looks like a really really fun tag! Glad you tagged me!


    1. I hope you have fun doing it! XD
      Oh, yes; I'm getting braces soon. Then I can't chew gum. *sobs* Oh, well. ;-)

    2. I did have fun! It was included in my first tag catch up post (https://catherinesrebellingmuse.blogspot.com/2017/08/i-play-tag-catch-up-part-1-character.html)

      Thanks MEM!


  4. Awesome Tag!:) I enjoyed reading it!


  5. Doing the Tag :D Also, I'm not allowed gum...

    1. YAY!!! I'm glad you are. *jumps up and down waiting for you to post*
      REALLY???? That's sad. :-(

  6. ACK YAS I CAN'T WAIT TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, HONESTLY. Very very cool questions. *applauds you* I shall do this tag asap because it looks so fun. (I did it a few months ago and now it's finally circled back on me. XD)

    I loved reading all your answers! *bounces excitedly* Very interesting indeed.

    1. Yippee! I'm glad you're doing it. XD
      Thank you! *bows*


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